Madani: Trestman and Popp could be gone

CFL’s biggest and longest supporter Arash Madani breaks a story on the Argos.√)

Let 'em go.
Of course, I’m a Tiger-cat fan, but I never really liked Popp, and I was surprised at the way Trestman mouthed off to ref Al Bradbury in Friday night’s open-mic game.

You have to be joking, calling Atrash Madani, CFL’s biggest supporter!!! One of Sportsnet’s Anti-CFL mouthpieces is more accurate.

Interesting, see how this all shakes out in the long run for the Double Blue. If they Trestman isn’t interested or committed in staying in for the long haul then as an organization you may as well start changing the top now or soon. And what better time to do it then with a bad season.

...I don’t know if he’s the leagues biggest supporter, but I’ve never found him to be anti-CFL either...I think he’s just a reporter that tells it like it is, good news and bad news...

Get rid of Trestman. I’ve been saying this for the last month and a half. He is terrible.

Yah, I'm almost positive that Crash WAS joking and you didn't pick up on that.

Madani has been Rogers designated anti-CFL reporter for years.
His reports have almost exclusively been slanted to portray the league and its teams negatively.

…he is often a guest on the local sports radio show I listen to on the drive into work and I’ve never heard him needlessly trash the CFL…granted, that is the only exposure I have to him…

They are the reigning Grey Cup champs, both are under contract for five years.

The Rash…LMAO

Granted, he hasn't had a top-flight quarterback to work with, but I'm surprised at how rigid and conservative (or tone-deaf?) Trestman is. He makes Wally Buono look like a riverboat gambler.

3rd down in the red zone last night, down 31-10 and he elects to kick a field goal??

Franklin was continually throwing for 3 and 4 yards on 2nd and long (and the odd ill-advised throw into coverage); he clearly did not "have it" in the 2nd half. So why the reluctance to put spell him off with Bethel-Thompson? Likewise, there have been plenty of times this season when MBT has continually gone "2 and out" behind centre and Franklin has been tethered to the bench.

I know MBT and James Franklin are not top-echelon CFL quarterbacks yet, and Wilder is injured. But I am surprised at just how bad the Argos' offence is given the weapons they have.

Really? I missed that

I will admit,Bradbury does need to be mouthed off to from time to time

What happened?

Trestman was upset at a PI call.

“The usually stoic Trestman showed rare frustration in the second quarter following a late pass interference call on Argos’ defensive back Ronnie Yell. Trestman, who was wearing a microphone on the sideline, unsuccessfully challenged the penalty and let referee Al Bradbury know he wasn’t amused.
“That was not pass interference,” Trestman said. "Al, you’re lucky I’m mic’d tonight.
“I’ve never said a word to you in seven years and I’m not going to say a word tonight. But you’re lucky I’m mic’d. It’s not right.”?

Trestman was upset at Bradbury that PI was called.
It wasn’t his call, but, that flag came a tad late.
The command center ruled PI

Here is a GIF

even worse was the RTP against Toronto in the 3rd quarter.

It kept our drive alive which we turned into a major.

Find a gif of that supposed “helmet to helmet” contact. Masoli dropped his head, nothing the Toronto guy could do…

I hate the HORRIBLE officiating in the CFL…even when it benefits Hamilton.

That game would have been a lot closer if it wasn’t for the one sided calls. (I’m just used to it going against us, not for us).

Yes! Why pay someone else when they are under contract, unless their contracts are NOT guaranteed - and I doubt that.

Honestly, I’d have to know who MLSE has in mind to replace either of them before I form an opinion on this.

The Argos were fortunate to be the best in a dismal east division last year with a 9-9 record.
However, they got hot down the stretch and rode the momentum to a surprise Grey Cup victory.

This year, despite what I thought were improvements to the roster, the team was obviously a lot worse.
Three wins by a combined total of five points combined with some blowout losses makes them the worst in the league (remember that they lost to Montreal, so the Als currently have the tie-breaker).

It seems too soon to be getting rid of either Popp or Trestman imo, so show me who their replacements will be, because I don’t know who will be better at this point.

My feeling is that it was more due to with the Argo putting his hand on Masoli’s facemask.

After years of being on the other side, I definitely won’t complain.

Just finished watching the entire game again (got to love TSN on demand) and to be honest the penalty on Speedy in the 4th quarter (the supposed horse collar) was also pretty darn weak.

I’m sure I’d be livid if we were on the otherside of any of the speedy DPI, the RTP on Masoli, and the horsecollar on speedy in the 4th.

Tressman and Popp sure pissed off big Al!

This guy is part of the Sportsnet/Rogers only bad news being reported or made up with the CFL.
Take it with a grain of salt, however you have to believe there will be some major changes coming with my Argos.