Madani reporting that Muambo has signed

From Sportsnet:

Henoc Muamba, the first-overall pick in the 2011 CFL draft, has come to terms on a two-year contract with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, and will report to rookie camp next Tuesday, sportsnet,.ca has learned.

Muamba, an athletic linebacker from St. Francis Xavier University, will sign a one-year contract, plus a club option, with Winnipeg that will give him a signing bonus of $9,500 and pay him a base salary of $44,000 in the first season and $50,000 in the next.

His signing bonus figure is believed to be the highest ever, in the actually enforced salary cap era, for any CFL draft pick in his rookie deal. There are also other reporting and roster bonus clauses in the agreement that should pay him over $10,000 for the duration of his first pro contract.

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I'm fine with it being a 1+1. Just glad he's signed.

It was actually a 2+1 and Muamba just realized it, he only wanted 2 years.According to Madani, it's back to the drawing board.

Correction - Muamba's agent. The agent must be an idiot.

My bad, that's what I meant to say.Thanks for correcting me

......These kinds of agents like Muamba has and TJ Harris irk me the most....I know these guys have BIG -time nfl aspirations which i don't blame them for....but geez ...shouldn't you have to prove yourself first....That big money is a huge draw down south (it looks like it might have finally caught up with them though...see lock-out) I see agents pushing their clients into quick deals so they can get a piece of the big action before it disappears...I'm glad we changed our agreement to lock-in our signings for a longer period than was in the past...We hold a few playing cards now and i think it's about time some of these gents representing players start to clue in... :wink: :cowboy:

Good post papazoola. :thup: I hope good things happen for the Blue Bombers this year.

not to you know crap on you blue blood cuz i like you and your posts but madani isnt the most credible guy out there. you seemed to have quoted him a few times on here this past week.. first with the speculation about a 3-4 defense when odell willis himself,read that and wondered on twitter what the hell is up with that? i would think they would have told odell abit earlier about the switch to the 3-4.

now about muamba.. i'm really.. this is the same madani that was employed here a few years back right and since being canned or let go has held somewhat of a grudge against the blue bombers right? i mean... i wouldn't take what he or sportsnet says so seriousy.. they really arent the best sources for cfl news to say the least.

with that being said.. i agree with papazoola.. i think regardless if its the agent or muamba himself that the bombers, and this may not be the most popular choice but if the guys head is that big already and he hasnt even played a down of pro ball.. perhaps we should trade him away and just be done with him. i wonder if they are having second thoughts about taking him first overall... the agent reps the player.. for sure but the player tells the agent what he wants... so i think.. muamba.. well, i think he's gonna tank and i dont see him being as good as advertised.. these guys who think they are the greatest ever.. well, normally what happens is they turn out to be busts.. i think i remember people loving this pick (myself included) and crapping on the etienne one, i think tho in the long run, etienne is gonna be the steal of the draft and muamba and his fat head is gonna be the bust... this guy needs to get a grip on reality and realize that he hasnt done crap yet.. agent or not.. regardless, this guy is a piece of crap and i wish right now that they could just say.. you know what man, we own your ass.. so either you sign this 2+1 minimum deal or you sit on your ass and do nothing for the next 3 years and like it.. we own his rights right now.. bombers have this guy by the short and curlies and i think they need to stand pat and tell him.. TAKE IT OR sit on your ass and dont get paid at all for the next few years... enough with these players who havent played a down of real pro sports yet with all these demands.. sorry HENOC.. 2+1 or eff off is what they should say then trade his stupid ass to somebody for a 1st rounder next year.. im sick of guys like these.. paid to play a sport and yup... ungreatful, unappreciatve for lack of better term spolied little babies.

AS for the supplemental.. i think we go the safe route and take the guy who wants to play in the CFL.. and thats poblah... i think, laurent while... he may be a good one.. i think like HENOC, has his sights set on the NFL and is only declaring his eligibility because the NFL is on strike really.. lockout.

why waste 2 1st rounders on guys who have very little interest in being here... ungrateful pieces of crap... i think the bombers need to ask chris walby and some boys from the past to come to camp and smack these primadonna B*tches up abit.

can i say this on here.. but in my opinion...

EFF HENOC MUAMBA... dudes head is too big for his own good. he's gonna be the biggest bust ever and i honest to god hope right now that he is... yup, really do. id love to see this guy get blown up or fall flat on his face and struggle... if what has been reported is true.. screw this guy.. i mean really, who the eff is HENOC MUAMBA RIGHT NOW ANYWAYS.. just a prospect. THATS ALL, WHAT HAS HE DONE? NOTHING.

My my…now you’re turning on Bomber players BEFORE they’ve even played.

And all this hatred from a tweet.

I don't think we have any idea what's really going on behind the scenes . It sounds more like agent "issues" than anything.I personally hope he's a huge success but just not enough to make the nfl in 2 or 3 years.I'm not sure but I don't think he's the only draftee who hasn't signed .

Don't you think the Bombers might not have completed their due diligence on this thing. If I were to sign a hot shot I would make sure he would play for me for a mutually agreed time. I might be missing something which would not be all that unusual but with a week left before TC it is somewhat scary.

Only thing we can do is wait I guess. Let's hope he does this thing without the help of his agent. Guess Toronto was right about that guy.

Can't imagine why he would only want to sign for 1 year, with the warm welcome Bomber fans like Killer give him. :roll: :roll:

Madani is right as often as any other reporter covering the CFL (not including Lefko who is almost always wrong).

The problem now with the contract is definitely an agent issue and not a player issue. Muamba has said a number of times that he wants to play CFL ball and that he doesn't think he's on the NFL's radar. I don't think he would lie.

Personally I hope we take Poblah based on Laurent's comments (paraphrasing) about wanting to see what happens with the NFL strike before committing to the CFL. It has the potential to be the Corey Mace situation all over again - a second round draft pick wasted on a guy Taman knew had NFL aspirations and would rather sit on the Bills' PR for years than play in the CFL and then when we trade his rights... well, we have nothing to show for that now do we.

Oh, and Killer, I post articles and comments by a lot of different writers but that certainly doesn't mean I believe or agree with them all. It's about sharing information and let people make up their own mind on something. For every person who thinks Madani or Tait or Penton or whoever is credible, there will be another who will disagree.

not exactly.. if the report is true.. sure, 1 fan wouldnt be disapointed to see him blown up and come back to reality.. if its just speculation which it might be and it truly is an agent issue.. then... i take what i say back completely... the agent is a piece of crap tho...