Madani: Halifax can support CFL team "1000%"

Who is Madani? And if 100% is the maximum one can give, what is 1000%?

Ah ! You haven't seen Madani.

It is what we call a Fat finger typo.

The league can show interest. Local investors are not knocking on my door stated Regis Labeaume (QC Mayor). I know a LOT of people in Quebec City and I don't know of one who is interested in putting a penny in a CFL Club, says the mayor.
Yes HfxTC, want they want in terms of the CFL is basically a free stadium given to them by the Feds (Quebec gov't spending on the hockey arena for an NHL team). Give us a free stadium and then maybe someone will be interested in owning a team. I can see the logic in their thinking, they want to see how important QC is to the CFL and/or federal gov't. It's a game of course, the money for stadiums game. And there is no evidence QC has any significant fanbase for a potential CFL team, unlike the NHL, so no way any developer is going to stick out their wallet for a stadium with development proposal like Ottawa for example where known fanbases exist. A CFL team in QC is a very, very risky business venture to state the obvious. QC doesn't need a Grey Cup for tourism or to get known, they are already a tourist city for Canadians and for others from abroad. My parents went on their wedding anniversary to QC way back when. It's a tourist city, perhaps one of the top in Canada I would venture a guess, no need for a pro football team. Halifax, while also a tourist destination and known widely domestically and abroad, probably isn't up there with QC on the tourist meter but the Cabot Trail and Nova Scotia are quite popular as tourist destinations, I've been there a few times and it wasn't to see a football game.


I think the big thing for Halifax really is the Stadium. There would be no shortage of US owner types wanting to own a Pro Football Team. The CFL would just have to make sure they were committed to the League like the Wetenhall's in Montreal.

TOTALLY Agree. However SAME as Halifax. No FAN support over 10,000. NO Sponsors at all, NO Stadium,
No cultural event !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine the excitement in OTHER cites, Dallas Cowboy's Green Bay Packers,
Sask Riders, Red Blacks. NO its the Halifax Mouse Heads. Got to get a ticket for that. Nice sell that would be in other CFL cities...............

Look, I love sports, grew up playing sports but the entire concept of pro sport as anything a city or area needs is totally nuts. Pro sports and overpaid athletes and coaches and cities using tax money for arenas and stadiums when roads and schools and social programs, hospitals etc. are in need is again totally nuts.

Nobody needs pro sports in the least. Maybe one day humanity will come to it's senses and will rid itself of this ridiculous creation called pro sports. It takes up time for politicians who should be using their time figuring out about education, medical care, social programs etc in their city, not how can we build some expensive arena or stadium for overpaid athletes and rich owners and fans who should be using the money they spend on tickets to games for better uses to have fun in.

Ok, now have to get back to watch the 3rd period in the Pens-Lightning game. :wink:

Totally off the charts wrong.

Just curious, does being a totally uninformed trolling arsehole come naturally to you or do you really have to work at it?

Hey Charuk, biggest mistake the CFL ever made was to allow anyone except Canadians to play in the CFL. Imagine a draft where it's all about Canadians for every position! Now that would be fantastic! If I had the money I'd start up a totally true Canadian players only league ( I know I just said pro sports is ridiculous :smiley: )


I still believe Halifax would work personally. With the current talk of a privately financed stadium being discussed again I'm cautiously optimistic. I still think so many Canadians want a 10th team a publically owned team would also work. Being THE team for the region could over time turn into another Riders situation. People from the Maritimes or with ties to the Maritimes are spread throughout the country so I absolutely think they would be as good a draw in other cities as any other team.

WTH? First, when we speak of Halifax, we mean a Maritime franchise. It's the only way it will work and everybody who lives there knows it.

You do realize that none of us would be on this chat forum if government did not build CFL stadiums .
No stadiums no CFL . Stadiums are an extra to communities like a playing field for kids . We don't need them to exist it just makes life more interesting .

Another debate about Halifax ? A tenth team is coming to the CFL and a modest CFL stadium is not unrealistic for Nova Scotia or Quebec City .

Quebec rights are owned by the Als and because of the CIS team there is push back from political and community for Quebec City . So the Halifax probability is raised higher than any QC team right now .

Halifax has a stadium friendly and CFL friendly mayor , prior successful games in Moncton and Halifax sitting on bleachers and virtual monopoly of pro sports in the province and outer regions . The stadium suitable for the area is required and a private owner or community team could exist with low CFL costs .

It is getting tiresome debating a team until a stadium is built to speculate on success when the CFL as a whole is always up to debate on future viability of the many teams that already exist .

As long as the CFL lives and breaths fiscal restraint then there will always be possibilities of future expansion within Canada .

I think it would be wise for the CFL to build a temporary stadium for $10-15 million to get football established in a new city and create a 10th team. The more teams, the more TV revenue, the more apparel sold, the more exposure. It's a no-brainer. The trick is the start up costs. A basic stadium would help build a franchise and when the time is right a bigger stadium could then be constructed. It's been done before:

Why not make it a Philosophy of the Quebec team? 100% Canadian.
It may not initially field the most competitive team, but it would sure inspire some development on our side for the future. Even now, I think the only thing really missing (if you signed all Canadian Allstars) would be a quarterback. Yeah I know, a lot of skepticism..

In México, the two most popular, winningest teams are Club América (the club of the Americas) is based on a philosophy of the best talent from the continent and Club Deportivo Guadalajara aka Chivas who has adopted the philosophy of 100% Mexican. Their popularity never wains.

Just a thought.

The CFL priority needs to be the strength of the existing 9 teams .

Area51 is right. Quebec City has no desire to be involved with the CFL .
When I say QC, I mean the politicians and citizens.
Even the mention of the CFL in QC, would spark outrage. " F**k the CFL, just give us our NHL franchise"

Plus I do not believe the CFL is even thinking QC

Further , there is as much chance of Halifax becoming team # 10 as there is of myself finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. For the many reasons that have been covered in so many previous threads on the subject.

I keep thinking that the only reason people want a 10 th team is just to balance the divisions and schedule.
That is the wrong reason to expand to 10.

Plus , I would hate for poor Dean BLUNDER to be more upset and stressed the he already is.

How about this.

If Ontario can support 3 teams , why not us in Alberta ?
Lets put a team in Red Deer ( half way between us and those other guys, for those not familiar with AB ) and call them the Red Deer Betweeners.
Then we will move Winnipeg back to the East and bang. Team # 10.

See how redonculus this is ?

Now please, lets hear from those who want team # 10 in the US. Just to get that crazy idea debate started for the 100th time.

Tell that to every delivery restaurant and restaurants, bars, hotels.

People are so blind, theres more to it then just the cost and profits of the stadium itself WAYYYY more.

When i worked pizza delivery it was dead on non sports nights. My owner made most of his money during NHL playoffs.

This backwards notion that somehow stadiums dont more than pay for themselves needs to stop because its so not true.

Im sure the kids ar childrens hospital in vancouver didnt need the sedins donating millions of their own money to build a new wing at childrens hospital.

If youre really concerend about your taxes stop letting the bank of canada take 90% of your taxes with compounded interest and you will save this country. Its not stadiums costing any of our services in this country whatsoever, not even remotely close to it.

The only dumb dumb moves were building before you know youre getting a team like Quebec, and Hamilton for NHL arenas. Quebec wouldve been way smarter to build a CFL stadium and if Halifax knew anything about this kind of stuff they wouldve built a stadium by yesterday.

Tonnes more jobs are created just in the food industry alone from having a sports team, let alone all the other jobs at the stadium, all the other industries affected, driving support for charities that would never have gotten the exposure before, the list can go on forever.

What was it grey cup 100 that brough in 100 million to Toronto for a one day event? That payed off skydome right there pretty much

Well I'm confused then as to why there seems to be problems building professional sports arenas and stadiums using public tax dollars and why there are opinion pieces in the media saying tax monies shouldn't be used to build these when there are more pressing concerns. I mean take the Nordiques for example where hockey is popular, they couldn't find a way to keep their team by building a new arena way back when the old arena was outdated. Same with the Jets, Expos, Baltimore Colts etc. Why didn't these cities simply rubber stamp a new arena or stadium at the time when the owners of the team started making noises about needing a new facility? Hey the Buffalo Bills make lots of money each year but can't find a solution for a new stadium but have to patch up the one they are in now to try and find a way to build a new one downtown so the restaurant owners will be happy there. Should have been a no-brainer for the city of Buffalo to build a brand new spanking stadium once The Ralph started showing too many aging signs.

Maybe I'm missing something? :?