Madani: Halifax can support CFL team "1000%"

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@ArashMadani Fellow Nova Scotian, Arash. Do you think Halifax could support a CFL franchise? Thanks

Arash Madani ?@ArashMadani
1000%. Just need a stadium. And a league office with a vision.

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Couldn't agree more. Fan support would be rabid like #Riders fan base. #CFL #Halifax[/b]

As always the problem is that there's no stadium.

10 healthy CFL teams would be ideal.

Arash Madani ?@ArashMadani
1000%. Just need a stadium. And a league office with a vision.

We know there is no stadium but he's also saying the league has no vision??
He forgot the most important element "ownership"

It’s funny the importance that one word, and just a 4 letter word at that, can have in a tweet. :smiley:

[b]Just[/b] need a stadium
Actually maybe Halifax can use the Texas Rangers stadium parts for a stadium. Apparently their 22 year old digs down there are just too old for the likes of Texan sports fans. :wink:

Oh, and I guess these types of “old” waterfront parks with a nice trail beside next to them just don’t cut the mustard. :wink: :o

A 10th CFL team would be ideal, but not in Halifax.

The economy is just way too dinkified to support a franchise. Even if the government gave away another quarter BILLION of taxpayer dollars to fully finance a stadium, where would the team find 20,000 unemployed fishermen to buy tickets?

Best option for a 10th franchise would be Quebec City. Many will pump the tires on Saskatoon as a possibility, but you have to wonder what kind of fan support they'd get. Would existing Rider fans suddenly abandon their beloved team for an expansion franchise?

I'm not sure how the league's vision or lack thereof would alter much when there's no stadium and no owner saying "I'll bring a team if there was a stadium".

no owner will emerge without a stadium in place or at least firmly approved funding from government agencies as no level headed businessman would pony up over $200 million+ of his own money for a stadium.

All the vision in the universe isn't going to build a stadium or get quality ownership. Not sure about that statement. :?

Madani can post positive CFL comments after all and not the first time I've seen it for that matter.

Stadium in key and always has been, there's no league vision that can build that.

Ask, the NHL how their vision on putting a team in Seattle is coming along. In terms of footprint, Seattle to them is Halifax to the CFL.

I don't think he's saying that the league needs vision in order to have a stadium built. He's saying that Halifax needs a stadium, and if they get one, they'll need help from a CFL with vision in order to land a team.

I still don't agree with the last part anyway. "Vision" won't do much to establish a team in that city with or without a stadium.

Your a loon. Quebec City wants nothing to do with a CFL franchise. ZERO.

Again the reason why cities like Halifax and Quebec City etc. don't see the CFL happening and don't have the interest is because they don't see how money can be made from a CFL franchise after spending so much money on a stadium. It's that simple. The Blue Jays IMHO wouldn't be in Toronto right now if it wasn't for the CFL where Godfrey used the "Grey Cup Canadiana" cultural thingy to get a stadium built.

Fully agree. Stadiums themselves are not money makers and once of few real estates pieces that actually depreciate over time. To make it even worth somebody's time there needs to be a much larger picture where a CFL team can be 'part' of.

Really no city has ever built a new stadium with the sole purpose to attract a CFL team or a pro team in general. Ivor Wynne and THF we're built for the Empire and Pan Am games respectively. BC's stadiums we're built for Empire Games in '54 and Expo in '86 as couple of examples.

QC has withdrawn from the 2026 winter games so they're out for the foreseeable future. If Halifax did follow through with an won the 2010 Commonwealth rights, I think a team would be on the field already.

Hes not a loon. Quebec city would support a CFL team, but the defacto owner of the Et a Rouge is way too powerful and has snuffed out any chance.
Since CFL teams have 80 percent American coaching staffs and 70 percent American starters on their teams, do I dare say that Quebec City had the closest thing to a proffessional CANADIAN football team. Keep the CFL out of Quebec City,to protect Canadian culture. The NFL is to Toronto ,as what the CFL is to Quebec city. You would displace a team full of locals, for a bunch of forginers.

I don't buy that for one minute Bungle that Quebec City would care one bit about Canadian culture. Not a bit. That is not the reason why there is no interest in the CFL. If enough money could be made from a CFL team, the interest would be there even if the CFL had no rules on the citizenship of the players.

Displacing locals in terms of players and coaches isn't on the mind of people when they watch pro sports teams in Canada. In fact if anything some people feel the opposite is true that the CFL would be more popular if there were no ratio rules. It would then allow them, those people, to see the league on an equal basis as the major leagues that have no such rules and become more major-league like.

I think 'vision' is a pretty general catch-all. If the league had had better vision over the years, they would've invested more in advertising and making the league more part of the cultural fabric nationwide, including Quebec and Atlantic Canada. If they'd had the vision to make that happen, there'd be much greater demand from the governments, business communities, and general public in these area to get a stadium, which in turn would create greater interest in owning an expansion franchise.

Hopefully, with the new commish, new media-savvy Argos ownership, and decreased influence of old-school Braley, the league's "vision" will improve and we'll see it pay dividends in the years to come.

I'm glad he added the extra 900% so we no how super serious he is.

I guess I should have said Quebec culture and not Canadian culture. Rrmember when this guy used to bring in 45000 fans into a stadium that was used to 15000.
La Ligue a beau montrer un intérêt, les investisseurs locaux ne se bousculent pas au portillon, fait remarquer Régis Labeaume. «Je connais pas mal de monde à Québec et je ne connais personne qui est prêt à mettre un sou dans un club de la ligue canadienne de football», dit le maire.
The league can show interest. Local investors are not knocking on my door stated Regis Labeaume (QC Mayor). I know a LOT of people in Quebec City and I don't know of one who is interested in putting a penny in a CFL Club, says the mayor.

Unless it gives them low-cost access to a massive amount of land that would be a profitable commercial/residential development.