Mad as Heck!!

After watching another pitiful and brutal display of what Hamilton tries to call a football team and all of the shoddy missed tackles, lack of effort by a majority of players, poor that were under thrown passes, inept play calling for the most part. Lack of heart from the players. The frustration of sitting there and watching arch rivals from Hogtown destroy our team on Labour Day. I went home totally peed off.

I got home and their was my two year old daugther waiting for me. She said 'Dad I watch football' with a big smile on her face. We shared a big bowl of ice cream and everything was right in this world.

Hang in there folks. We will overcome!


Nice Story :slight_smile:

Lucky you ! My girl was already sleeping by the time I arrived home ...

I agree with the SENTIMENT too ... now is NOT the time to ABANDON the team.

The way I look at it ... EXPENSIVE LESSONS have (hopefully) been LEARNED. I look for the football operations to begin the climb to RESPECTABILITY, if not SUCCESS, from this point forward ... and soon be worthy of the time, effort, and resources the fan base invests in the BUSINESS.

In the jargon - their STOCK is RISING ... it began with the new GM and it goes from there ...

I've INVESTED too much already to give up now. Depending on my 'consumer confidence' next spring - it may just be a flex pack (again) before I re-commit to ST's.

Here is to better days ahead !


it's alright for People to be unhappy after another bad Game...

But life gose on..
we have 3 to 4 days to get ready for toronto again..

And another loss

Nice story- I got home to my two three year olds. My daughtercame up to me and said, "did the tiger cats lose?" I had to laugh, told heryes but she loved the pom poms. We will get better and it will feel all that much more rewarding!!!!

that’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.

for once I’ll say… there’s definatly more in the world than football.

even if we do really, really suck.
do I sense a future fan legacy? :wink: