Macs new recreation centre

I was at the new David Braley centre at Mac today . They had an open house today from 12- 5 pm . It features a new weight room and cardio centre . A track suspended above the weight room . Wall climbing and seperate gyms for basketball and Volleyball ect ... It is just amazing really and I also ran into the Mac football head coach ( cant remember how to spell his name !!! ) and he commented that it would be easier to recruiy players with such a great faclity for them to train in year round !!!!

The weight room over looks the new stadium being built and it` s well under way with the undergtound parking ect !!! Cant wait to see a game thier !!!!

This was an opportunity missed in my opinion for the Ticats. They should have been in with Mac on their new stadium.

"the pulse" is not a very good exercise facility, it is very cramped and often way too crowded. There are also not enough mirrors for free weights.

"There are also not enough mirrors for free weights."

I can't believe that statement, do you really need to look into the mirror when you lift??

for forum .... and to check out pretty girls without being noticed....but mostly forum.

What "forum" would that be? The one the Romans built? Visions of gladiators in your head? lol

It's not vanity, it's to make sure you're lifting properly. It's all about form.

The weight room is fine and it wont be as crowded as it was Saturday because of the open house .

Its perfect for football players to work out all year round on weights , cardio and the track for speed work !!!

:thup: I'll have to check it out.

A lot has changed since I was there, and it's only been less than 10 years.

oops :oops:

I don't think I'll edit it.
It's funnier left the way it is. :smiley:

I go to Mac. I also go to the gym. It's always busy, and it will continue to be so.

Sounds like a great place to meet chicks if your a student. Darn, those days are now behind me, what can you do! :roll:

Show the green.

The facility itself isn't very good, I don't think. The ventilation sucks, it stinks, there's not enough room, there isn't enough equipment.

The squash courts are pretty nice.