i think ive figured out what to do with him, keep him as head coach because i think he is a good coach,

but take him off offensive coordinator, dont let him even go near the offensive game. and fire RD lancaster, and bring in greg marshall as a offensive coordinator, hes a very good offensive mind and doesnt mind ATUALLY THROWING THE DAMN BALL DOWN THE DAMN FIELD.

....30 seconds left to play and you have 100 yards to go.......why throw 10 yards outs?.....let Tucker loose and launch it, he.ll you might even get an interference call or two...

our team is not bad, were actually very good, but even the great team's can be bad with poor coaching and terrible terrible play calling

sounds like Hamilton :lol:

Maybe Maccioca figures a 100 yard bomb wont work for the Esks, but it can work against the Edmonton D... :lol:

They're playing very conservative and very scared.

Should I waste my money buying a plane ticket to go to Edmonton to the game against Saskatchewan?

Edmonton's offence played the same last year. It was all short passes in the flats. They just had more success with it last year. For some reason when Maas would come in he would start throwing 15 yard slants down the middle.

I agree about RD Lancaster. He was bad with both Hamilton and Winnipeg. I think last year the Esies won in spite of him.

He rickywhatsyournametoday, I'm surprise you are around today, I thought you'd lie low for another week or two! :wink: The Bomber and Al's fans have been waiting to chat with you especially the Bomber ones!

Really just want to say "Hi". Won't mention the Eskies. hehehe!

well unless i have super power abilities being in jasper at my cabin without internet or TV....i was absent the last week..