MacMaster deny TiCats playing at Ron Joyce for 2013

Drew posted some dire news for local TiCats fans last night...

After 6 months of ongoing discussions, McMaster University stunned the TiCats yesterday by abruptly informing them that they cannot play any part of their 2013 nomadic season at the university’s Ron Joyce Stadium.

The team had hoped to play as many as 5 home games at Ron Joyce Stadium, and now must find alternative measures.. (i.e. Western, Moncton, Toronto etc etc)

Well, obviously . . . . . . :roll:

The neighborhood where Mac calls home is WAY TOO posh to ever stoop to a level to even contemplate hosting a Ticat game . . . pfft

(in all seriousness, there's probably way too many logistical issues facing Mac's ability to host a labour day game for instance, parking, too small of a stadium, argo fans :oops: , etc.....)

Isn't there a modular stadium floating around the lower mainland of BC that we could borrow for a year and a half Prophet Bob? :smiley:

The Confed Park or Aldershot option is looking a lot better now, eh?

Rail spike on the noggin :thup:

oooooooOooooOOOOOOOOooooo Confed Park for a temp modular stadium,

"Dream on
Dream on
Dream on
Dream until your dreams come true" :frowning:

KP wrote: (in all seriousness, there's probably way too many logistical issues facing Mac's ability to host a labour day game for instance, parking, too small of a stadium, argo fans , etc.....)
I believe the article also stated that the Labour Day game will likely be played at the Rogers Centre....

Confed Park was my fav destination, although the powers that be.... :frowning:

Ya think?

Yeah probably eh? Unless MLB scheduled a 10 game home stretch for the jays over labour day weekend with the help of that rubbish company rodgers?....

Time for Burlington to offer some help ... we have some High School Stadiums that have the turf and the real estate to afford the Cats a temporary home.

And the residents will probably let you park on their lawns.

I have the feeling that with the influential residents in west Hamilton surrounding Mac, it's a matter of NIMBYism and many in the area do not want to endure 2 months of occasional (game day) heavy traffic and inconvenience.

Emergency hospital fears seem baseless and bogus (emergency entrance is quite a distance away on Main St) as does student inconvenience or disruption as most games would be during class off-hours (at night) or weekends.

Mac would have known all these so-called concerns for a long time so why the last minute decision? It must have come down to 1) resident's NIMBYism and 2) not enough money being offered by the TiCats.

IMO, McMaster has received a black eye thru this action, especially when constantly asking the community for support.

It is odd that Mac waited until now to quash the deal.
Extremely valuable time has been wasted.

personally, I don't see how having 4-5 three hour games would affect the Westdale community to any great extent.

Mac dropped the ball on this one.

Remember when Mac was building their Brand New Stadium with the majority of money donated by David Braley, where did Mac Football Play ?? Ivor Wynne Stadium !! The City of Hamilton helped out Mac for a couple of years, probably didn’t charge them a penny !! And all the revenue went to Mac. Some games got over 10,000. Now when the Community needs there help McMaster University turn their back on the Community !! Way to Go Mac !!
Oh! Montreal, McGill is played on a University Campus with very limited access and a hospital nearby and they make it work every year for 10 games, and Mac can’t do the City a favour for a onetime 5 games.


8) I hope that Bob Young changes the Cats training camp location next year.
    Screw Mac !!!    <!-- s:twisted: -->:twisted:<!-- s:twisted: -->

The team should help out its friends. Maybe Western would be happy to earn a couple hundred thousand $$ each spring.

A lot of bitter Neanderthals commenting on the Mac/TiCat story on The Spec site.

Amazing how irrational hatred can spew so much misinformation, revisionist history and BS :roll:

I'm tempted to issue a response but it would be hopeless vs all the vitriol and stupidity (learned thru experience during past attempts at informed discourse and "debates" on The Spec site.)

The reasons Mac listed sound reasonable to me. Traffic congestion would be a problem there just like it would have been at West Harbour.

Unless something miraculous like BC's temporary stadium becomes viable, Hamilton fans will either have to road-trip to home games or watch them on tv. Thank your city council and former mayor for this mess.

If we can't find a temp place to play, I wonder what the associated costs be to rent one of these temporary/modular stadiums?

I wonder if this was the company that built the temp stadium for the Lions?

With the delays associated with Winnipeg's new stadium, what if it ends up taking more than 1.5 years to build our new stadium ? :?

Yes it is. There's a picture of it, next to a roller coaster, on the banner at the top of the page.

The modular stadium seems an ideal solution which worked well for the Lions, and held 25,000 in seating capacity...

One question remains....where could we put it?

Back to Brock..that worked before Bob got here...but Bob

wanted the Camp to be easily accessible for us Hamiltonian.