Mack is the Man

......Sportsnet is confirming that Joe Mack is the new head of football operations for the Wpg. Blue Bombers.....He beat out a good man in Barker...Mack has been VERY successful in his past postions and has extensive connections in the nfl and apparently in the CFL..( good friend of Trestmans)...I wonder how long it will be, till the new coach is announced...He is rumoured to be high on Scott Milanovitch....guess we'll find out soon... :wink:

CJOB is predicting MACK as it wouldn't surprise me...especially when you throw in that Paul Friesen is in Barker's

Milanovich would certainly be ok with me...I think we need a coach with an OC background. I'm good with either him or Cortez...guess we'll find out soon.

Barker built the Stamps into a very competitive team, and has a lot of connections. His hire would have brought sure-fire improvement to the Bombers.

Mack better make some good moves, starting with a quality HC, or the restless natives will remember Barker being left at the altar.

Not sure Iā€™d want to roll the dice again by hiring Mack after rolling the dice with Kelly. should be a little nervous there 'on'....Marshalls name has also crossed Macks lips.....hmmmmmm :roll:

.....on rolling the Macks record of the past....then read Kellys.....nuff said... :lol:

When has Marshall been linked to Mack? I haven't seen that.

....I got the impression from various articles on Mack that all doors are open as far as the head coachs job goes....i would think that would include Marshall....This guy is very thorough...He didn't commit to any one coach possibility as Barker did...Correct me if i'm wrong.... :roll:

That was my impression as well but I've not heard/seen anything to link Marshall and Mack other than a suggestion that some on the BoD may feel they can persuade Mack to go with Marshall. But, as you mentioned, it's also been said that Mack might be interested in Milanovich because of the Trestman connection. They seem to have someone in mind because the FP is saying that after the VP is hired that a new HC could be named very quickly.

The announcement of a new head coach should follow the VP of football operations, perhaps as early as next week, with the new president and CEO to be introduced within the next few weeks.
[url][/url]'s my take on the proceedings to follow:

....Mack will be confirmed as vp/gm tomorrow...He will immediately be in contact with the prospective coaches on the week-end....I think he has or will get a hold of Trestman for a final note on Milanovitch.... permission has been granted ...interview to follow
....Marshall will get a call from Mack for an interview as well as Cortez and maybeeeeeee someone not even on the Bombers radar as of yet...although the last scenario may be reaching a bit....I do know one thing,,,He wants to be thorough in his search....not like the previous go-round with our former coach and Bauer....This is going to get interesting....especially with out time-lines growing thin... :wink:

Barker seemed to be the most qualified candidate with recent CFL experience, yet they hired Mack (a good friend of Ross H. on the BOD).

Begs the question: is Mack best hire for Winnipeg football going forward, or is he a hire based on friendship? (haven't we seen this before with Kelly being hired by his buddy Bauer?) Hmmmmm.

Ross Hodgkinson is NOT on the Bombers BoD. Paul Robson worked with Mack in Winnipeg in the 80s and is on the BoD. And Robson has one vote on the selection committee and one vote on the BoD so he could not get anyone hired all by himself. Completely different situation compared to the one with Bauer.

Looks official now,

[url=] ... 06857.html[/url]
The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have called a major press conference for Friday at 10 a.m. where they'll announce Joe Mack as their new vice-president of football operations.

Mack, the former Blue Bomber player personnel director from 1984-87, is in Winnipeg and is expected to be unveiled to the city.

Mack exited the CFL to work in the NFL, with the Atlanta Falcons, Washington Redskins ('89-'94; including 1991 Super Bowl champions) then as the assistant GM of the expansion Carolina Panthers ('94-'97) and the Cleveland Browns director of football operations ('98-01).

The skinny: Mack has extensive background in personnel and is a winner, having won with the Bombers and Redskins. Also has knowledge on building franchises from the ground up, working with the Panthers in their infancy and having been assigned by former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue to help with the restart of the Browns.

Found a picture of Joe

Back row , right most.

Lots of kittykats on this forum, they must be getting nervous about retaining 2nd place in east. Once Marshall is gone their defense will crumble like cookies.

HfxTC, you risk losing your membership to the Marc Trestman Fan Club by poking fun at Trestman's friends. :wink:

We found out where Joe's been the last 8 years !

[url=] ... re=related[/url]

Usually a Friday presser is when there is bad news. I hope that isn't a bad omen for Mack if they announce Friday.....

In the picture they have of Mack in today's FP he looks like William Devane to me.

This hiring not good idea. Mack is friends with Robson and some others on board. We did not learn lesson from Kelly hiring.

I was going to post earlier today a poll, asking who was going to post the first negative comment about the hiring, housedog or sanjay. No point now, we have the answer. Nothing if not predictable. . .

You should concern yourself with health of team. Not some nonsence.