Mack Herron, dead

The CFL may have seen more dynamic running backs than ol' Mini-Mack Herron, but I can't remember who or when. The guy was special.

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Sorry to hear that....remember meeting him as a 13 year old in Wpg...I was almost as tall as him and I wasn't that big. Big time talented but the junk got to him....

.....Great little back....Powerful runner and reminded me a lot of Ronnie Stewart of the Ottawa RoughRiders only not as big....Too bad he let drugs control his life and the reason the Bombers let him go was because of marijuana use... He was still picked up by the NFL...Don't know if that would be that big a deal now-a-days..Condolences to his family..

He was a real dynamite package that's for sure. Condolences.

I wonder if Herron would have had a different life if he was not kicked out of Canada via the CFL for pot possession back in the day?