Mack could be on the way out ?

The board will be voting on a motion to fire Mack at some point today. The motion was forwarded by Garth Butchko !

...Rasputin was poisoned, shot four times, beaten to a pulp and I dunno, could take some effort...

Weird this comes a day after the media started their crazy crusade about bringing Lord Bauer back. Radiohead being pro-active ?

A member of the board told the Free Press today that the board is scheduled to meet next Tuesday but that an emergency meeting could be convened in the interim

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Funny…you miss the playoffs, lose good players and really do little to bring in experience, now 1/3rd the way through the season they are not sure if they can wait the extra 5 days to make a decision on this.

I said it before, I say it again…I am not convinced Mack is the heart of the problem, though I definately believe he is a part of it:

The Board doesn't seem to want to spend on football ops (coaching staff size smallest in league), which might relate to Mack's passivity during free-agent season every year. I agree with depop: Mack is one of the problems but he's not the only one.

If I was running that BOD. I'd bring him Lawless, feed him a few donuts and ask " Ok which one of us told you about this vote ?" Right in front of the whole board. Then I'd put forward a vote to strip the board member who leeked this type of stuff to the press.

Kinda like moving into a brand new spanking multi-million dollar mansion,and serving your house guests swanson t.v dinners,while having your Cadillac parked in the driveway with a 8-track sound system in it.Sad really,a brand new state of the art stadium and a 10 cent team on the field because of a bunch of suits sitting in their ivory tower,squeezing their nickels til the beaver bites the queen's arse. :o :thdn:

Well, in the which coach will get fired thread I suggested it might be Burke because Mack needs someone to throw under the bus to keep his own job.

I guess I was right conceptually, and wrong about which level of management would be throwing someone under the bus. The board looks like amateur hour for leaking it, too. It's hard not to agree with you that they're part of the problem given this gong show.

Compare to Montreal, where they decided there was a problem and took swift & decisive action. Bomber brass decide there's a problem and they'll meet next week to have a meeting about it, unless they meet sooner, but in the mean time they make sure the Free Press knows?

Sigh. The fans deserve better.

(Some people in the comments are blaming Lawless for publishing. I don't buy that, it's his job to report news and this tip is definitely news.)

....IF Mack is toast, the question then is who will the b.o.d. put in his place....They must have someone in mind AND he better fill the bill...Names mentioned are Murphy in Cal. (forget Bauer ain't gonna happen) or another mind that resides in Canada and knows the CFL well....This could be interesting...I said exactly what the previous poster bobo said at the end of last year and was surprised as hell to see the same ol junk paraded out this year....Fans didn't buy it...They luv their new digs but the product on the field looks like they still belong in Canadinns :oops:..According to the free press the board is meeting today...They better have some answers cuz the guy who released the news is not going to be on the firing line, unlike some others ,including the bod

If your Buchko and you see the play of the young QB’s in the league and realize there is a real opportunity to acquire a quarterback right now with the draft coming up and your GM is refusing to make a move and you disagree with that philosophy, I guess you would want to replace him but is it Buchko’s role to get involved in the “football” side of the business ??? Realisticaly both of these guys should answer to the BOD. I guess it depends on how you see the structure of a CFL team. Looks like Buono knew this should have been the case a year ago.

Comments by other board members are that they had no idea about any recommendation made by Buchko. Maybe Lawless had a source, possibly even Buchko himself. Or maybe he just threw it out regardless of whether it was true or not, see what happens. Chances are good there have probably been internal discussions amongst the board regarding Mack and the way the first 1/3 of the season has gone, or it was wrong and the board denies it, in which case it's easy to say well of course the board would deny it because they should be keeping that info private. Either way, it's started a mini storm at the least, see how it takes off from there.

I used to think the same way, talk to one of the teams and convince them to give up one of their young guns for a pick, player, or combination there of. Should be easy with the draft coming up, why would a team want to lose one for nothing right? Seems reasonable but its not perfect logic. Lets look at the Argos - sure they have 2 seeming quality backups in Harris and Collaros - trade us let's say Collaros and you won't lose him for nothing in the draft. Problem is they could still lose Harris in the draft and now both of their prized young guns are gone. If they hold off on the trade they can only lose one and would still keep one to back up Ray. It makes no sense. And the most available QB for a trade right now may very well be Drew Tate after his comments about the Stamps training staff but why go after a QB who's started fewer games than Buck in the last 3 years? It's going to cost big time to pry one of the young guys off a roster. It may be smarter to give Goltz the season, or Goltz some games and Hall some games, and then swing a trade with Ottawa for one of their picks in exchange for one of our protected players if Goltz doesn't pan out.

Eric TIllman? lol

...I like your suggestion, wolverine, about a trade with Ottawa HOWEVER we could secure a qb. before that...Not necessarily Collaros but there's a couple of other guys who look half decent....Ottawa won't trade the guy they pick as their future, you can count on that so who would they offer...Making a trade now ALONG with a decent pic in next years draft, could be enticing to Barker or whoever we see as a viable trading partner...Don't forget we are not the only ones going to be in the hunt for a qb...We'll get competition from Mont. for sure and knowing Popp...if you snooze you lose....I'm tired of watching while other teams grab the best talent (see Riley) And I know we weren't in the picture for a lot of reasons but out of the picture nonetheless...I'm sure we'll look at the best case scenario in securing another qb. ...We have 'greener than grass Goltz' and Hall...As far as I'm concerned the top pivot spot is still up for grabs...Adding another quality guy now, shows that the club is very serious about the future of the quarterbacking and direction of this team..

Tillman could be the perfect fit, actually.
Winnipeg doesn't have a star QB for him to trade away. And they probably have lots of cap space to work with. He could start from scratch, essentially. Make a few minor tweeks of the roster and anything better than a 1-5 start next year, and Tillman looks like a genius.

Actually, Mack looks good for not trading for Reilly. Reilly has been a dud. Both teams are 1-5, but the bombers didn't trade anything to get that crap record.

I want to see the bombers vs esks right now and see which is the better team. Goltz's or Reilly's?

Well, the Tuesday meeting was most likely a quarterly meeting or such. Boards are required to have regular meetings…but yeah, the point it kind of the same. Sounds like he may have been worried about his own good standing for how he was running the piggy bank so was trying to deflect by bringing up an emergency board session with its members. Seriously…how is this an emergency? There was no big death, injury or financial turmoil…this is a smoke show.

Buchko saw that one way traffic in FA season 2 years ago, and did nothing. Buchko saw how last season went, but cut some slack. None the less, he saw lack of action. He is either not smart enough to see that, doesn’t care, can not pull the trigger, was actually fine with it, or has actually been the one hampering the functionality of the GM position. Take you’re pick…hard to decide which is worse.

This offseason he should have had his thumb on all of that. If he was not happy with the player management he knew everything he needed to know 2 weeks into the FA season and should have pulled the pin. So why didn’t he…well, perhaps his GM can’t make a decision without his blessing…a puppet administration…and the GM is his insurance policy if his direction doesn’t work.

Every way I try to look at this it goes beyond the GM itself.
If I am on the board, I take his little vote. Then I ask him to leave the room while they have another (for him if ya’ll didn’t catch that)

…Put Reilly behind a decent o line and he’d look pretty good…Certainly better than Drew ‘pierce 2’ Tate and behind Cals. o line…Then again Goltz would probably fare pretty well there as well…Should be an interesting game between the two basement dwellers, for sure… :roll:

Not a Reilly fan, I'd rather have Goltz to be honest.

The shocking thing with Tate is he's this hurt this often behind an Oline that isn't that bad.

Chuck Barris - GM
Arte Johnson - HC
Jaye P Morgan - DC
Jamie Farr - OC
Rip Taylor - RB's coach
Phyllis Diller - QB coach
Anson Williams - OL coach
Rex Reed - Special Teams

Frick'in Gong Show this outfit is.

But it woul be a Happy mish Mash :slight_smile: