Maciocia to Montreal?

Check the story. Rumor or likelihood? It claims that he's the ideal candidate for the Als and has deep relationships with both Popp and Wetenhall

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Maybe the title of this thread should be Maciocia to Montreal? not Maciocia to Edmonton?

Anyhow, living in Edmonton, I would have to say that move would make a lot of Eskimo fans very happy.

JL- Oops.... looks like it's sleepytime for me.
Thanks for the chance to correct.

A story like that is sure to promote a lot of fan “I told you so” comments. Of course had that rumourous inuendo been a posting by somebody on this site, the writer would have been nailed as a troll and sh## stirrer followed later by the gorilla chest pound and the, “I told you so”.

I'd be okay with Maciocia to Monteal. Saddle them with a lousy coach for a while.

Maas and Maciocia could visit on the weekends. :oops:

Given Maas's performance in the two Eskimo games, I'd suggest that if we're keeping him, hiring Maciocia would be a good move.

I don’t know about that … I think he might make a pretty decent OC here and get Maas out of his “funk”.

I think he might make a pretty decent OC here and get Maas out of his "funk".
Not sure Maco will see the sidelines as HC anytime SOON once he gets the PINK SLIP from Edmonton.

While we are all PROGNOSTICATING … what if Danny goes to the Als as an OC ? I say TRADE MAAS to the Als for Jesse Palmer and a draft pick and START ANEW.


a lousy coach ?? the man has a Grey Cup ring . You guys are impossible to please !!!!

As an Als fan I would trade you Palmer but ask for Lumsden.
Probably not a likelyhood though with Lumsden as a local boy.

Oh ya i guess Palmer is good cause he sat on the bench in NFL ???