Maciocia replaces Khari Jones with Maciocia

MTL's owner Gary Stern is making efforts to engage with fans, responding to many comments in his Twitter thread about the coaching changes.

I predict it won't last. He will eventually be overwhelmed by the toxicity.


Have condell as ur OC and I bet you change ur mind about jones… no one is worse then condell…

No matter what gets said - Danny has been burning since he got fired in Edmonton to prove 2005 wasn't a fluke - that he didn't just inherit a team on the verge of winning a cup.
But we here all saw through that when we missed the playoffs for the first time in 35 years, and backed it up by being worse the next year.

Give the guy some credit. It’s not easy to coach a team QB’d by Ricky Ray in his prime and still miss the playoffs.


…two years in a row. Or to take a Grey Cup winning team into the next season and only win 7 games…

As regards penalties, It seems Danny M didn’t control them any better than Kahari yet he said that team discipline was the major reason he let K go. Either the team didn’t get the message or don’t listen to anybody. It will be interesting to see how Danny handles things going fwd. I’m betting that in trying to get a win, DM will not release anybody just like Dickie in Sask won’t dump Marino who has probably become a cult hero and we all know that brings fans in, even if the have Neanderthal mentality.

Marino gives Neanderthals a bad name .


Khari lands in the Hammer

Hamilton Tiger-Cats on Twitter: "We have added Khari Jones as a Football Operations Consultant. :newspaper_roll: | #Ticats | #CFL" / Twitter

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I'm not sure how this makes the team better...

A second opinion on offense in Coach O’s ear. Can’t hurt
Also hopefully a calming effect on the sideline during games for Dane

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With THIS person, it certainly COULD hurt…

You’re right they should just stick to what Tommy is doing

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I think it is a good hire
Played the game
Has OC, and HC experience
Can only help us at this point
Lucky to have him available at this time


Are you basing this on his "success" in MTL?

KJ’s a good addition. :+1:t2:


Right now this team needs help at
QB Coach
Head Coach
and Offensive Coordinator
Khari ticks all those boxes
I wish I could add Oline Coach. :roll_eyes:


He was a failure here before.
He was a failure in Montreal.
Forgive me if I seem skeptical about this hire.
It would be like hiring Desjardins as our fourth General Manager.

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How does this not cost Khari money versus staying at home? Could it be that the remainder of his 2022 salary from MTL is guaranteed, even if he takes another job?

Does a consultant come under the Coaches cap?

Wasn't it last year that Chris Jones was hired as a "Defensive Consultant" for TOR and was on the sidelines coaching their defense


With Condell up in the press box having an experienced QB as a QB advisor on the sidelines is a very good move. Khari and Dane are VERY similar QBs IMO.

Also an intro to the organization for KJ to see if there is a future fit with a bigger role if one becomes available. Wink-Wink.