Maciocia replaces Khari Jones with Maciocia

What is it about MTL GMs that they always think they will be a better coach than the coach?

For some reason I feel better about our chances playing against MTL.


Interim head coach. Not permanent. Why is this hard to understand?

Theres our oc in waiting


I must be really dense or something. Well, that and the fact that the word “interim” did not appear in the article I read.

How many times did Jim Popp declare himself to be interim head coach?


"The Montreal Alouettes have made a change at head coach.

Khari Jones has been relieved of his duties with general manager Danny Maciocia taking over his duties until the end of the season."

Seems pretty interim to me.


Popp came in as interim every time because Wetenhall was cheap. And even then, in 2006 he took the team to the Grey Cup as interim HC.

Come on, people are acting like Montreal is the only team that has ever had the GM step in as interim HC after firing the incumbent. Teams do this all the time.


Quite possible he hands over the reigns to Thorpe at the end of the year and let him start fresh in the offseason with his own hand picked players and coaches.

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Khari Jones might make an interesting QB coach and offensive consultant.

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TBD. If they do well Danny may decide he is irreplaceable.

But again, that part was not in the article I read. I can promise to do a more comprehensive search of all available news sources before posting a link, but only if everyone else does the same.

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Trivia question: who was the last head coach to name Trevor Harris as his starting QB and keep his job?

I wonder if DM the GM will show us more VAJ.

Hey, my bad, I had read a different article from the one you posted and I assumed that this one also mentioned the “until the end of the season” thing.

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That’s a good first reaction to the Montreal story, Obrigardo.
I, very much, doubt the TiCats will make a change, at least until management feels the need to create potentially positive news to sell tickets. But, Khari would certainly qualify as an OC & QB coach candidate.


You do not want Khari Jones as your OC, I guarantee you. He was our OC too in addition to being HC.

Were most MTL fans calling for this change?

Everyone liked Khari but the feeling, generally, was that if the team were 0-4 or 1-3 at this point (the bye) that changes could happen. In large part because our loudmouth owner said as much early in the season, lol.

But fans are definitely split on the firing (at least in the Als forum). It’s not so much KJ getting fired as Maciocia taking over as temp HC (and presumably temp OC) that is worrying folks. Many think this is the prelude to Danny taking over permanently. I don’t think so, but I’m in the minority.

Some Als fans think we don’t have the talent to compete. I’m not one of them. I’ve watched this team underperform for 3+ years and I am frankly not surprised Khari is gone. Our offensive playbook was drawn in crayon, he couldn’t cut down the penalties, and we couldn’t score points regardless of who was under center.


Losing Stanback in the 1st game, arguably the best RB in the League is tough on a OC/HC


Agreed, but good offenses don’t crumble when one player goes down. Stanback’s injury has exposed not just our running game (unimaginative) but also our offense’s reliance on Stanback making five yards out of a one-yard play and 10 yards out of a five-yard play.

So apparently that was Khari’s fault. But Maciocia didn’t recruit any backup good enough. Last year they had a good backup but he retired.

One of the commentators on TSN did say...."that is how coaches lose their jobs" ....after the 22 yard FG miss late in the game against Argos.

So Khari may still have a job (with a record of 2-2) if his idiot kicket didn't miss that chip shot....

Montreal has played some exciting football over last 3 years...but couldn't do it consistently...and just didn't have the talent to match ticats in the playoffs...this year may be different

Wait. You just described Condell. I thought this was a Khari thread? :smile: