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Very funny indeed !!!!

I heard that once before....Too bad no video to go with it!

His players should get together and get him a couple hookers. Before he turns his freak on again. Ray should wear cups front and back :lol:

OMG that is SO funny!

I didn't like the "This city ****s worse than Edmonton" part, but otherwise I have to admit that I laughed...hard.

About a week ago, Maciocca was quoted as saying he wanted to HUG trevor gaylor in the edmonton journal.

Well consider the source Bigdave. Maas still lives in Edmonton doesn't he?

If Maciocia-Gaylor are having an affair; I, for one, will be horrified and extremely dissapointed. Maas deserves better than this. This is bigger news than Paris going to jail!!!

Yeah, Maas still lives in Edmonton during the off-season. Perhaps that's some indication of the level of mutual commitment between him and the team. I know a lot of fans were becoming disenchanted last season, but the Cats really had no one else to turn to. Now, however, is a different story...