Maciocia 'In Love' With Maas

Fascinating story in the Post this morning about how Maas is still loved in the Edmonton dressing room and how all the players want him back.

It even seems as if Head Coach Danny Maciocia talks to Maas on the phone 3-5 times a week and he declares that he loves Maas and that the two of them WILL WORK TOGETHER AGAIN - probably as coaches.

Oh, also a bit about how Maas loves hunting and that he makes excellent deer jerky. He also loves to come up with little inventions and there are a lot of other little insights as well. It's may be on their website- I get the paper.

Maciocia was the Offensive Coordinator in Montreal when Charlie Taaffe was the Head Coach ... if everything comes together regarding rumours surrounding Taaffe and if Edmonton fires Maciocia then they could be back ... and Jason may even smile :stuck_out_tongue:

Great. That's all we need; a love affair in the dressing room.

Brokeback TigerCats

Ha good one.

You are making me nervous. Taaffe, Macioccia....OK. But NOT Maas. He has been given free rein in the past few games including calling his own plays and after 12 games he STILL cannot deliver the goods. He has to go.

Damn that made me laugh, thanks Ockham

The Reverend wrote:

[u]Damn[/u] that made me laugh