Maciocia has the best faces

HAHAHAHAHA!, pure comedy! :lol:

His mannerisms are definately a bit on the creepy side. Like how he likes to lick his lips or massage the corners of his mouth during a big play or series of downs. And how red his face was after one of his trick plays yesterday didn't work, It was hard to watch for a fan.

You can only hope that the Als take him away from the eskimo team. Then as a fan from an opposing team it will be even more humorous! The guy is an escapee from a clown class. :lol:

Maciocia would not make for a good poker player, lol.


...i think he missed his calling...with all those facial expressions and dance routines...he should have been on stage...and i know Esks. fans will probably say ' yeah the first one out of town'...ooooooo bad joke...i know :thdn:

Sometimes He looks like you just stepped on his model Airplane.

If you look at roughy's pic, it looks like he a "pinched" look on his face.... :lol:

Either that or he's constipated and is trying to "pound one out."

...or someone suggested he take another look at the tape of the Stegall touchdown....with no time left on the clock....

Statik has the missing link.....Alvin the Chipmonk!

And you guys are having such astellar season...

Coming off a 5-13 season, the Bombers are still moving up.

Coming off a Grey Cup win, your squad was cannonballed into mediocrity.

…really EM, laugh about it, it doesn’t do your BP any good getting mad over it…

And you guys are having such astellar season...

...Stellar would be the word for the Bombers Third said ,after the dismal year we had last year..... but cellar would be the word for you...get used to it....and maybe you people in Edm. will experience some of the crap the Bombers went through....OR MAYBE you'll get lucky and dancing Danny will lead you out of the the years to come... :lol: :lol:GOOD LUCK