Maciocia Fired if lose to riders?

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Edmonton Eskimos head coach Danny Maciocia must feel like he's living in a pressure cooker, with the temperature rising every day. Through the Esks' current three-game losing streak, some fans have been calling for his head - and the media is now starting to turn up the heat.

But while the 2-5 club has equalled its worst start in 34 years, the players and upper management believe the growing heat directed at Maciocia this early in the season is unfair.

"It's unfair, but I understand it," said Eskimos president Rick LeLacheur. "I totally understand the frustration level of fans when you lose three times in a row and two of those at home. It doesn't happen very often."


But the Green and Gold hasn't lost confidence in Maciocia.

"We have not given up on this season, on the coaches or the players," continued LeLacheur.

Maciocia is repeatedly being drilled by fans and the media for risky defensive play calling and a stagnant offence, which is producing just 17 points per game on average - second worst in the league.

However, the head coach isn't cracking under the pressure.

"I understand how it works: When we win it's because we have tremendous players ... and when we lose, the coaches are terrible and they're brutal," said the bench boss. "And that's fine."

What really matters to Maciocia is how he's received in his locker-room - and the coach knows he still has incredible support.

"We love Danny," said defensive leader Singor Mobley. "He's a good coach. We like the way he approaches things. He lets us control our own locker-room, but he tells it like it is.

"He's straightforward and honest and that is what every player wants from a coach."

Added OL Dan Comiskey: "He's our captain on this ship and I don't give a (darn) what anybody else says about him. I believe in him."


Those words are music to the coach's ears.

"I will tell you something, that is all that counts because people will come up with their own theories," said Maciocia. "The fact of the matter is - I hate living in the past, but I feel like I need to say this - take a look at this football team: the last four years we have been to three Grey Cups and won two. There is no other organization in the CFL that can claim they have been to three and won two."

And while Maciocia rarely brings up his past accomplishments, he also rarely uses injuries as an excuse. But, understandably, he can't resist under the public heat.

"This organization is not built on excuses, but take a look: we have got Rashad Jeanty in Cincinnati, we have Cedric Scott who failed a medical, we have got Steven Marsh and we don't know if he is ever going to play again," he said yesterday. "We could have actually said we have nine-gamed (A.J. Gass and Will Loftus)," he continued, referring to the fact each veteran could have been placed on the nine-game injured list to start the year. "Kelly Wiltshire has been injured, Randy Spencer hasn't played a game for us yet. But we have to find a way to turn it around with people that are healthy and available to play."

For Maciocia, he hopes that starts Friday against Saskatchewan.

Maciocia's a really bright guy. I remember meeting him at a coaching clinic in Montreal when he was the little-known offensive coordinator for the Als in the early 00s. He's a brilliant Xs and Os guy.

Having said that, I think his job is on the line over the next five weeks. Edmonton's opponents are: vs. Saskatchewan, @ B.C., BYE, @ Calgary (Labour Day), vs. Calgary (Labour Day rematch).

I think a 3-1 record in that stretch gets a lot of the pressure off his back. Anything less and well, all bets are off.

I would add that in that stretch they are gonna have to go 2-0 at home. They can not afford to lose 3 in a row at home

this may sound biased because i am a rider fan, but i dont see the eskimos winning this game. i know they are at home and evrything, but with evrything that has gone not so well lately, i just dont see it turning around. I think Jason Armstead is going to have his best game of the season and i think the Rider D will allow under 25 points (not that thats a great D or anything.) I think the Riders will score 30+ however.

Speculation, anyone? You think, you think.

Bottom line, the Esks aren't scoring any 1st half point. Screw Macciocia, we look like goat *ss offensively in the first half!

.....the Sask backfield is pretty decent on the deep passing routes so look for the EEs to do what we did last week which is a lot of nickel and dime routes across the middle....something the EEs are pretty good at considering that's been about 90% of the air attack for them this year....

they're being out-coached offesively...a primary concern.

It could be, they are racking up huge amounts of yardage but can't put the ball in the endzone, from what I've heard, it's because they are predictable in their red zone play calling.

Agreed, that’s why I say it’s a coaching issue. They have the talent…

Is it true that Maciocia uses Crayola crayons to draw his play book?

Might have Bellefeuille’s Etch-A-Sketch from last year…

I hear the OC has his wife run his practices for him...that might be the problem..

He has a wife! Really?

Rumour has it........

If Maciocia's wife's name happens to be "Brittney", "Jeanette", or "Ellenore", I'm outta here. :lol:

She must be a dominatrix! Cause he hops and prances like he has a pickle up his sphincter!

Latest Rumor from McMahon the poster! I thought I would scoop him. Macoochie our favorite little ballet dancer if fired by the Eskies will go where! Could it be Hamilton or Riderland! :lol:
Here is the site:

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Maciocia is McMahon!

Yikes no way! Wow I think you maybe right! Lil Nate would like Macoccia to coach him! They both have the same dance moves! :lol:

Nate and Maciocia dancing to Lady Marmelade!

Where is Montford? 8)