....and instead places the blame on the Edmonton fans for being too critical, even when they win.....which allows his players to gripe about the same thing....glad he remembers who is ultimately footing the bill here.....

Maciocca is a complete joke of a head coach IMO. If he loses a few more games within the next couple, many fans will demand he be fired. And I myself believe esks fans will not have to worry about danny m. after this year(at the absolute most), he’ll be gone. Apparantly there are lots of speculation and rumours about him going to montreal as the successor to Don.

I just don't understand the Maciocia hate from ESKIMO fans. The guy won a frickin Grey Cup last year! As offensive coordinator, he has one Grey Cup final and one Grey Cup championship under his belt. And yet somehow Esks fans want his head on a pole. I don't get it. You don't win championships accidentally, you know.

No rumours here in Montreal about him coming. POP just announced yesterday that he will sign a new contract with the Don when ever the Don wants

....the rumours abound out here ro, you guys are getting Maccocia next year whether you like it or not!.....

So Red, who can we start a rumour about for the Eskies Head Coaching Job??? :wink:

...Danny Barrett......

Hmmm, I thought Jackie Parker could come out of retirement.


How about Greg Marshall from Hamilton :wink: :wink:

Mabye the Esks can have Jim Daley as their new head coach...

Another fine choice......

Hey eskie fans feel free to ask the rest of us for help anytime. We could get you a coach, faster than you can say salary cap!

I here he is Danny Barretts replacement at the end of the season. :lol:

It would not surprise me one bit either , O5

Naw Sambo the riders do not need that! Besides you have a great coach in Cortez! Now thats hope he takes it next year!

Frankly, guys like Barrett, Ritchie, Daley, et al. are the past of coaching. There are a number of great assistant coaches waiting for their chance to run the whole show, as Doug Berry is proving in Winnipeg. Kevin Strasser, Steve Buratto, Rich Stubler, and Chris Jones would all be great head coaches. Why go back to octogenarians like Daley?

I believe it was joke and you are correct! Lots of great coaches with fresh ideas.
Back to the Eskies and their coaching staff. If I recall last year DM was a concern yet he one the GC. This year they are running out of tricks or just maybe he has not openned the war chest of tricks up. Pleas just do not let him dance! :lol:

I don't know why people are so ready to bag on Maciocia. He was your offensive coordinator for, what, four years before taking over as head coach. Since 02, the Esks have boasted a pretty stellar offense, appeared in the Grey Cup three times, and won two of 'em. I would think that great track record would buy Macioca some love around here, but it seems that people would rather insult him based on his appearance than judge him fairly as a coach.

Eskimos 2007 Head Coach

Deflects the heat off his players then goes to the media and takes credit for it.

RFLMAO :slight_smile:

esk123, I have also heard rumours that whenever the Don retires, the Als would try to get Dany Maciocia as head coach. And to think there might be just an ounce of truth in those rumours gets me really depressed.

The only reason people could think of for bringing him to Montreal is the fact he's a Montrealer. Big deal. Who cares about having a local head coach? What you want is a guy who gets the job done wherever he's from.

I hope the Don sticks around until Maciocia retires.

i dont mind macocia, hes a good football mind, he won us a grey cup.

(edited because I have no class)