Maciocia declined a 4yr contract

Rds has a headline that Maciocia was offered a 4 yr deal which he declined. Now i dont want him but who in there right mind would give up almost a job for life to come here and maybe get canned in 6 months. Good for you Danny!

Thank you Danny !

It should be specified it was to be Popp`s offensive co-ordinator in 2013, before Higgins was hired, with the "possibility" to be head coach the following season.

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Let's hope that RDS and Journal de Montreal won't be talking about him/what the Als offered or not for ever. Danny should concentrate on his Carabins.

Imagine if he was with the Als. Stay where you are Danny. We don't need/want you.


Maciocia for 4 years? I hate the thought of it !!!

Terrifying that it was even an option, and no kind of reflection on Wetenhall's acumen.

No , Popp was trying to convince Prancing Danny to be his OC on the staff that Popp was hoping to put together if he was allowed to stay on. Instead the owner went for Higgins.

Boy, neither of them looks like the sharpest tools in the drawer. Owner went for Higgins, GM wanted Dancin' Danny. OY.

Danny completely confused about what down is being played in a Grey Cup Game !

He's an imbecile. You don't need to convince me. :lol:

If they hired the Pilsbury Dough Coach I think
I would hand in my lifetime membership. He's an insult to the game.

Les Alouettes ont choisi entre la peste et le choléra. Espérons qu'ils ont eu leur leçon.

Well at least this time they stand a chance of getting a payback investing in their staff. People get better at their job with experience.

Pas toujours, et Maciocia en est un exemple.

That's where the part "stand a chance" comes in.

Exactly. Nothing is guaranteed but I liked what I saw from AC this season. And his willingness to acknowledge what he learned to do (or not do) was refreshing after Higgins and Schonert and their CYA+ approach (to say nothing of BComs Crompton and his endless stock of blame-deflecting cliché). Glenn as the starter means we don't have to throw Cato or Bridge into the fire just to be competitive on the field.

Another final-play classic. I love the deer-in-the-headlights look around 3:20.

…Dancing Danny declined… :lol: I think you guys dodged a bullet…I never get tired of watching Milts last second td winner… Not many hi-lites in the last few years for us but that one’s a damn good one…Dannys face looked a little like this after that one :oops: lol

Yeah and on the other end of that play is Kevin Glenn who was chased out of town and hasn’t been replaced five years later.

....yeah apparently chased him so hard he washed up with you eventually AND wasn' t Rick Campbell the esks. D co-ordinator at that time, calling the cover scheme that embarrassed the hell out of them....Guess Ricky has learned a thing or two over the years :wink: :lol: