Maciocia believes QB Timmy Chang will report to Hamilton

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yeh he will, he didnt report to edmonton because he knew they had already gotten there starting QB in ricky ray. here he has an oppurtunity to start if he shines in camp

Without going through a lot of detailed analysis, I can only think of three QBs in recent years who have started in their rookie seasons:

  • Ricky Ray (but only due to injury)
  • Kerry Joseph (sort of a rookie, but not really)
  • Anthony Calvillo (but then it took another 5-6 years before he was really entrenched as a starter)

Richie Williams will beat him out for the third spot anyway.

Taaffe said in this Hamilton Spectator article today that he thinks Chang is a potential star in the CFL.

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Taaffe is a very seasoned coach who knows talent when he sees it. If Chang makes it to Ticats camp, I'm sure Taaffe will give this young man every opportunity to take the #1 job. Every coach has "his guy" who he wants to lead the team. Maas was "Marshall's guy." Butler or Chang could be "Taaffe's guy."