Maciocia, Alouettes looking to address defence in free agency

MONTREAL — Danny Maciocia is heading into his second off-season at the helm of the Montreal Alouettes.

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Danny Maciocia is facing a very daunting task in his 2nd year ! The Eastern Division has made significant improvements on every team including the eastern ones. He has to get some real improvements on Defense that players like John Bowman,Ciante Evans, Kevin fogg, Taylor Loffler, & Henoc Muamba have to be signed and prevented from leaving. And Charleston Hughes, although a bit long in the tooth, could certainly help the Als in getting to opposition QBs. Something they had troubles doing in 2019. The CAP may be the impediment to that sort of solution. So good luck Danny Maciocia in leaving that rebuild of the ALs this season to free agency.

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Hughes is with the Argos :