Macioca the God

You dudes miss Macioca? He has a 1000 winning percentage in the CIS!

Um, no. I don't care what he's doing in college ball. He destroyed this team.

Personally I have nothing against Danny; talked with him briefly while on the Eskimo cruise back in 2009. There is lots of truth to what Chief said also, thus going a little deeper with the other coaches on board at the time played a role in the downfall of Edmonton. Compare Tillman vs Danny: Clearly Tillman by 100%; however with that said Danny M does way better in the ranks below the CFL. As a GM in the CFL; things didn't work out for Maciocia with bad decisions one could say. As for where the Eskies are at now, I'm happy.

He was given to much control to early, due to the fact he won a GC in his rookie year.