Macioca --> Montreal?!? YESSSSS!!!!

I know it’s wishful thinking on my part, but oh man…What poetic justice if Macioca leaves Edmonton to coach the Als.

Poetic justice for who?

...I can just envision Danny, dancing down the Montreal Alouettes sidelines now... :lol: :lol:

Poetic justice that the team that originally gave him his first CFL job gets him back.

As an Als' fan, all I can say is;

Thanks but no thanks

But why? He's a....great leader....who calls.....genius plays.....Simply a football god....I'd be sooooo sorry to see him go. [snicker]

A french speaking Al's coach. The media would have a field day with that. I am for it as long as Macioca brings Tompkins, Tucker, Bertrand and the entire o-line with him.

Why would would want the O-lime that has the worst record in the west

Dump the Eskie O-line. And you have to remember, this is Machokie's first full year, I'm sure with some more experience, he'll become a fine coach.

I think too many people had huge expectations from him because of the GC win last year, a win which honestly, shouldn't have happened, and wouldn't have if the Leo's had been able to concentrate on their game, instead of the locker room b!tching & complaining.

So a team that can't 'concentrate on their own game' should have won the GC. C'mon, pal! The Esks won two road playoff games, three if you count the GC...and it shouldn't have 'happened'. Get over it already.

I believe BC has the worst o-line in the west not Edmonton. Montreal gave up 12 sacks against BC ans BC gave 9 sacks against Edmonton. With the exception of Flory and Fritz the entire Al's o-line needs to go. I am being biast because of the conversation I had with Fritz and Flory last month.

Ill rephrase.

Why would Montreal want the O-line from the team with the worst record in the west.

If the Als give the Head Coaching job to Maciocia, I will :

  1. Cry
  2. Not renew my season tickets
  3. Throw paper bags filled with Sancho’s… errr… predictions… in Jim Popp’s office window.

Comon Third. If we can survive Kuharic, Mohns, and Eagle Keys, you should be able to survive a few years of the Sugar Plum Fairy!

As I said, IF the Leos had been able to concentrate on their game, they would have won the GC last year.

So the Eskimos got lucky at the end and won their doesn't mean they deserved it. Just like this year, they do not deserve to be in the playoffs, they should be right back there with the Ti-Cats by now, and would be, but for a couple of breaks.

I think Danny M. would be great for Montreal. A native son as head coach would be a great sell in la belle province. edmonton is ready to dump him and I am sure Danny M. feels no loyalty to the fans who have turned on him so quickly after winning the Grey Cup. don't forget, most of Edmonton's O line retired. A good move by Montreal to recruit him. Far better than DAve Ritchie,who is a good man and defensive coach but not a ticket seller. Worst scenerio, fans would pay to come and boo Danny M. in Montreal should his team start to lose because his facial expressions and body language are so annoying!! The last 40 seconds of the riders / esks game watching Danny M. squirm was worth the price of admission!!!!!!
Long Live the CFL

All I know for sure, is that the Lions DEFINITELY didn't deserve to win the Grey Cup, and thank God, they didn't. Any team that loses 7 of their last 8 games, doesn't even deserve to be hosting the Western Finals, and the Eskimos exposed them for the pretenders they are. Dickenson is made of glass, and is a poor choice for valuable salary cap dollars, especially at the salary he is making.

I agree, their collapse last year took them out of the running for the GC, and they didn't deserve it. However, if they hadn't have lost their focus, they wouldn't have lost 7 of 8.

Anyway, that is long over with, and EE are in the same position this year as the Leos were last year, and they do not deserve to get into the playoffs.

Turkeybend, would you like Maciocia to coach your beloved Riders? No, eh. Maciocia would not sell anymore tickets than Ritchie.

Turkey's busy interviewing Jim Daley and Joe Paopao! :wink: :wink: