D Line seems to be playing ok, Bombers ran in the first half very well, ajustments at half (finally) basically stuffed their run in the second half.

What ever happend to that Mace kid we the rights to in last years trade with the Bombrs. Last I heard was he wanted more money??

Waiting for a job in the NFL thats not coming....I think he's missing the boat with the Cats.... oh well, Im sure he's enjoying football from his couch.

He's still hoping to hook up with an NFL team.

If the Ti-Cats' D line continues to play well, Mace just may have screwed himself. We won't be as desperate for him.

the ticats should send a straight shooter to corey mace's house to "keep it real", and basically explain to the kid, hey you aint gonna make it in the NFL, you have a chance to earn a decent living in canada, have a chance to get all the reps you want and become a star, especially in southern ontario and bookend Defensive end could make a lot in endorsements, this guy needs to fire his agent and hire a sensible individual.