Mace Speaks

Corey Mace says

he’d love to play in the CFL.

Just not now.

Read this article and find out what Corey Mace
has to say about not coming to Canada just yet.

Of course, many of you will still think that what he says in the article is B.S.
and stick with to your self-fabricated reasons for why he didn't sign here.

Mace at home with Bills for now

David Naylor — Globe and Mail

Friday, Aug. 07, 2009



Facts and reason aside, can we still dislike him because of the potential he may one day be an Argo?

I like the comment after the article on the G&M site:

Plus, who the heck wants to play in Winnipeg or Hamilton? No wonder why he has not really considered playing up here yet. Ughhhh
Obviously whoever wrote that has not spent much time in beautiful downtwon Buffalo. Where, incidentally, even a millionaire will beat you senseless over 20 cents: [url][/url]

Gotta love the NHL, where they think it’s a great idea to make millionaires out of teenagers with a grade 10 education who have been rewarded all their lives for reacting violently anytime they think they’ve been wronged.

I noticed the quote as well. I can tell it was not from a very informed source as they weren't sure if NFL players are paid to be on the PR.

Maybe Mace likes fire. They have lots of them in Buffalo.

All kidding aside, if Mace thinks the best way to chase his dream is to sit on the PR in the NFL, that's his choice. It may pay more than a rookie DT in the CFL, but there is more than one way to make it to the NFL. I just think if you want to get better, you need to play, and you can't do that on the PR. He is only 23, so why not play in the CFL for a year or two, and then head back to the NFL and actually make the team. In the end he we end up ahead.

I have wondered if the fact that he is from BC may also be a factor. The thought of playing in the CFL may be more attractive if he was closer to home. You just don't know.

Either way, he can just sit and go rusty in Buffalo. Enjoy the fire and the snowstorms Mace.


He wants to be on the NFL PR for the very reason he wants a pension no other reasons give it a shot and collect if your too rusty because of it oh well you end up a head in life in the long run. After 4 or 5 yrs of service here he ends up in the same situation looking for a real 9-5 at least with the nfl he is set up nicely i dont blame him one bit.

Something people forget about being on the PR…“you are just one play away from starting”. When you get your chance…you make yourself “STICK”.

(a certain “Cobb” understands that)

Besides…PR in the Nfl is about average or better than CFL pay. Who could blame him?

What I want to know is…“does the poster not know that the Argo’s own his rights”? They type but don’t read! :roll:

He's free to do what he wants with his life and career, I'm not mad at him. I am however, glad he's out of our hair. I was tired of the "will he or won't he" game. I don't think he's all that great anyway. He can stay there for life if he likes. He's a non factor for this team now. I will thank him for being good Bruce bait though :thup: .