Mace a done deal...

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...what Winnipeg, Hamilton and Toronto couldn't do Calgary got done this afternoon....Corey Mace begins practicing next week with the's hoping for a quick ramp up time and insertion to the LCD....

Good news on the Stamps signing Mace RedandWhite. I still have a soft spot for Calgary as they were the first team I cheered for as a kid way back when.

Wow. An already ferocious Calgary defense just got better.


I like the odds of it getting better, certainly no worse, and now with added depth at the very least.

We couldn't get a deal done because he wanted 90k bare minimum to come up here and is that really worth it for a guy you've never seen play in the CFL?In the end we got Ab3 out of it so I really don't care what the hell he does with the Stamps.I'm happy for you.

Someone's bitter

And Brendan Taman's legacy in Winnipeg lives on.

No, not really.Just didn't didn't like the way this thread was brought about.Basically that we were too poor, stupid or that Mace just didn't wanna play for our teams but he went with total ease to Calgary.I'm happy that Mace is finally in the CFL.I'm anxious to see what he's got.

...well, if I had actually said any of those things that you insinuated I could see your point 15...quite frankly all I was stating was fact, that this player made his way through three CFL franchises and we're lucky to finally get him...peace bro, have a beer or nine...

The Bombers never tried to sign him since he was signed by the Bills before the draft. Let's face it, the Stamps were able to sign him so easily because no one in the NFL wanted to pick him up unlike when he was the property of the other teams.

That's pretty much it right there.His opportunity in the NFL was running thin bit by bit, even when he was on the Bomber's neg. list.Now the well's run dry.But I still don't imagine he came cheap.I for one hope he does well for all the frustration he caused about signing here or there.Like I said before though, it doesn't bother me whether he does well or not.We got Ab3 out of it and i'm more than happy about that.

No way he's being bitter. Mace wasn't coming up here when Ticats got the neg list AND they traded the rights for AB3!! Ham and Calgary win, Winnipeg and TOR lose.

Any time you can add a Canadian who has talent and plenty of upside it has to be good news. I don't think Calgary needs help on the D-line this year though, they've been very solid. Nice option to have though with a Canadian backup and potentially starter down the road.