macbeth just stinks .....

need to get back to my beer at local pub
1st 1/4 - 1 pick, 1 completion, 1 sack, one 1st down… lol -
2nd 1/4 3 completion, 3 sack [2nd sack for 11 yd way from cal 9 AFTER blm thew pick, now fg ]
3rd down n 5 - incomplete
3 x 1st down
4 special teams penalties - why does that tow truck driver masquerading as a coach have a job ?

3rd 1/4 1 incompletion, 1 sack
1st series for frank and he get 3 pts
1 special team penalty

4th 1/4
almost 2 or 3 blocked punts - why ist hat st coach still there and not driving a tow truck ?
i hope frank starts next game - see what some mobility does - avoid sack, get penalty as opposed to macbet turtle
1 frak sack … ho hum …
frank’s mobility is blatantly obvious and get +ve yds
one can only imagine if frank played all game - probable argos dont win but helluva lot more exciting game …
good 4 pop warner football stats for macbeth… lol
get rid of all coaches and popp - cc has shown he is not hc material
chappy is horrible - that guy coaching st is worse than NOBODY coachin at all

I am not now nor ever been of him.
Time to move on at the end of the year and clean house players, especially the QB stable, and coaches.

i say hire mike oshea as gm and hc and let him choose his coaches and players - argo prez should take the jet to wpg and personally apologiz to oshea and offer him the jobs- the fans of toronto deserve a winning football team !
i can wait 3 yrs with oshea at the helm
and lets not forget oshea is an ontario boy, former GG, played for argos and coached, gc wins as both !
match made in heaven

How many times are you going to post the same thing - almost verbatim each time btw?

am i forcing u to read the posts ?

I agree completely, but I think O’Shea signed an extension recently with the Peg?

nope - peggers are pi$$ed that he hasnt won 'em a gc
i hope peggers have really pissed off oshea
peggers are waiting until off season to see how deep oshea takes 'em
i can only hope 'peg really pisses oshea off

well, one has to read a post to realize they don’t like it…unless they just plain ignore everything from a certain poster

or just ignore the thread started by a certain poster - me
or keep reading and keep kvetching
votre choix

…maybe someone might think this is a review of a community drama club offering

At least one post worth reading in this thread!

" There’s daggers in mens smiles " . 2.3 Macbeth

“Blood will have blood.”
William Shakespeare,Macbeth, 3.4

The Argos as a whole have been a compete mess the last two seasons. On & off the field.
Whoever is really running that offense now.
Pugged in Macbeth who does have the arm. & went all out gunslinging in the passing game.
Caught teams off guard.
The stamps hung onto the back up QB as long as possible. Until they slid in the standings.
Now that the stamps are battling for top spot. Bo levi got back in.
Plus now there is plenty of film on Macbeth & the Argos O. They shut them down.
But after that quick start. The Argos D. Held The stamps for the rest of the game

doesn’t toronto have a qb named Zach Collaros?

he must be getting close to being able to play, no?

(and yes, I understand the “he should never play again” comments)…but if we signed with Toronto, there had to be some thought of him actually playing.

Zach is done, Popp was literally throwing up a hail Mary when acquiring him.

argos got zack as insurance for late in season, if at all, he wasnt expensive and if both frank [who refused to sign extension] and macbeth [i hope against hope] are gone next yr

they got him for 4th rd draft pick if memory serves

…popp’s arm is old, pass only went about 23 yards…probably he shouldn’t literally be throwing a Hail Mary while he makes business deals…

What has Oshea ever done that makes you think he would be a good G.M., or even capable of winning a Cup as Head Coach for that matter?

offering oshea hc and gm is a way to sweeten the offer
popp is done