macbeth just stinks .....

seems almost every game he turns the ball over especially near the other team’s goal line
mob ility helps but he i just old and slow to run and slow to read def, very low read - and he has a bad arm
just stinks …
fumble to end 1st 1/2 when about to score
2nd 1/3 ko out of bounds
als score LONG TD on nrxt play
macbeth 2 n out w/ sack
he just stinks -
did he take the short yellow bus to school ?.
bad def on rec after mtl qb got popped
now argos get penalty on punt return … oye vey
2 n out again - thx to macbeth
4 n out - thx to macbeth
why is macbeth still under centre ? players dont rally round him …
argos give up LONG td
why is crapinga still kickimg ? 2 x fg of post, missed pat - i think he sux
argo def gotta hold here
2nd mtl holding and then mtl gets 1st dwn passing ? oh c’mon …
now that’s a blitz !
and penalty against argos on punt by als
please put in franklin … or trade him and macbeth
td by als … if only macbeth didnt fumble at end of 1st 1/2 …
another 2 n out by macbeth
now a pick thrown by macbeth near end of 2nd 1/2 - just when is argo braintrust gonna admit macbeth stinks ?
he’s old, sliow and has bad arm
OH MAN MACBETH JUST stinks - pure excrement
loss is all on ,macbeth shoulders
fumble end of 1st 1/2 from 4 yd line
interception thrown by macbeth late in 2nd 1/2
turnover on downs late in 2nd 1/2
squander 13 pt lead
tell me again how macbeth doesnt stink

old brain. slow, no arm no legs
argos now 1-8
why is macbeth still qb ? other teams win w/ backup qb… argos just keep on losing
and macbeth makes more $ than vernon adams

Still 464 yards passing on 36 completions on 47 attempts with two TDs and no picks are really good numbers. No, you can’t hang the loss on McLeod Bethel-Thompson. He played well.

Huh?! What interception?


a veey questionabel ‘roughing the passer’ call reversed that
but he did fumble ball late in 1st 1/2 [from the 4 yd line?] as argos were gonna score at least 3
macbeth just in the kind of qb that rallies the troops
poor skillz

We’ll take him in Ottawa.

take franklin w/ him
refused to sign extension w/ argos
and i didnt like franklin when he said on tsn tv in a 1/2 tine interview that he was happy, even tho’ he was starting qb and his team was losing
i have enuf football to have never had a qb be ‘happy’ if he was losing

So that leaves whom at QB for the Argos? Would you beg Ricky Ray to come out of retirement? Re-sign Drew Willy?


if both franklin and macbeth were gone i would be ok w/ prukop under centre until collaros os ready [if ever]
and u know my thougt on bridge

sounds like someone should go to a practice and hand him a case of deodorant. :slight_smile:

Actually no.

But if you mean Brandon Bridge, no, please no!


Well McBeth has looked pretty darn good since he has been able to string a bulk of starts together. Wen Franklin went down.
Cant blame the Argos record on him.
If there is someone that is available and better. Idk who it is.
Throwing for over 400 yards in a home game that wasnt a home game.
& a schedule that had the Argos. In Edmonton. Winnipeg. Sask. Calgary to go with home game in Moncton. In 5 of their 9 games. Geez. The have barely been at home

again his stats are skewed cause he throws a lot of short passes so his completion rate is artificially high - and funrs over the ball or gets sacked at very inopportune times
u can just see the usa teachings in him w/ 4 down possesion football south of the border

this is the cfl
3 down football
qb NEEDS to be mobile unless u r calvillo but vry few qb’s are
mobil qb also help off line out
pocket passers dont work in cfl - macbeth is a pocket passer
the only game argos won is one in which macbeth ran 3 times [for 1st down v wpg as i recall]
i think he got sacked 2x
if he didnt fumle at end of 1st 1/2 and rgos got even fg might have been a different ballgame
i saw bridge almost beat argos in 2017 east final
maybe he wasnt good enf to usurp franklin for 1st qb, but way better than macbeth for 2nd qb
and much in style of franklin - strong arm. great runner, big body 6’5" 235lbs, very mobile
i know there are posters that are tired of my bridge musings
can anyone seriously say bridge would not have done better than macbeth ?

The Argonauts have a ton of talent, and might make some big moves before the trade deadline. In the past, we saw something like this with the Ottawa Renegades: many players unable to win in Ottawa went on to be successful elsewhere, Kerry Joseph and Korey Banks to name a couple.

McLeod Bethel-Thompson possibly goes somewhere else and catches fire. Likewise that excellent stable of receivers. That fellow Awe is much to be desired at linebacker.

The Argos have good personnel, so Jim Popp can take credit.

The Argos, REDBLACKS, and Lions are done for 2019. If planning for next season, where do you begin?

Well i still think Brandon Bridge can play. No doubt in my mind.
NFL scouts touted him. & wen nada happend he ended signing with the Als late in camp.
The Als were in the post AC mess & Bridge as many others were thrown into a tire fire as 1st or 2nd & true rookie QBs. Bouncing around.
Sometimes its all about the situation an Timing & Bridge has been put into the worst of the worst situations.
Causing alot of media calling him lazy or not commited.
But wat he has gone thru. Thats not on the yung QB.
Chappy was in charge of the Argos O. So thats on him now.
Before that It was Trestman.
They both folded like a house of cards w/o a Stud QB like AC. Ricky Ray. Lulay.

That being said. For a variety of different reasons & coaching staffs & QBs good or bad that teams have set with themselves for better or worse
Im really baffled that the Bombers havent signed bridge by know.
Ottawa QB situation is a tire fire. Maybe now that Joe Papao is finally in charge of the offense. The RedBlacks may make the move for Bridge

i really think that popp has some prsonal issue w/ bridge as he has now TWICE cut him
and now as argo fans we are stuck w/ macbeth
i think that bridge dovetails in style w/ franklin much better [both are big, mobile, can throw deep ball - just that bridge needs qb coaching to better/faster read of defence] than macbeth who just seems to me to be a coach’s pet - coaches prefer him since he always does exactly what coaches call so admitting macbeth is not great is admitting defeat in coaches
my opinion is largely based on what i saw of bridge in 2017 east final

Cant Argue with any of that. Popp for sure has not been a Bridge fan.
Chappy & Trestman dont seem to be able coach w/o astud QB.
So Macbeth seems to be the GMs pet.
& yes Bridge among many others neeed an OC/QB Coach

yes and i did see on tv popp gleefully pat macbeth on the shoulder after the lone argos win
so i think your comment of ‘GM pet’ holds a lot of water
macbeth just doesnt rock the boat - he doesnt win either

He is a fine #2 but he is not leading the Argos to a GC ever.

i dont agree that he makes a ‘fine #2’ cause his skillz are poor and his style is that of a drop back passer which is not good for cfl 3 dwn football - macbeth still thinks he has 4 downs - matter of ‘square peg, round hole’
still think bridge would make for a better #2 since his style really does help off line since he is very mobile
2017 east final he almost won coming off the bench

Once again iagree
Mike Reilly. Is a total pocket passer. & w/o a line to protect him. He is a sitting duck.
Just one ex. Of how stubborn some offensive coaches are in the CFL.