Macbeth 2 turnovers in 1st half vs SSK

why is still an argo ? arbuckle was had for a 4th round draftpick
argos inside 5 yd line and NO POINTS !!!
1 pick by macbeth
1 fumble by macbeth

why is he still an argo ?
playing against a ssk, qb who is starting his 1st game

fir him and let me watch the guy w/ the arm instead

argos braintrust / ownership need to lean that macbeth is lousy

3 turnovers now game thru 3 quarters ...... why is dimwitted still coach and why is macbeth still QB ?


Good question. MBT is a horrible QB. He has almost as many interceptions as TD passes. The Argo offense is actually good except at the QB position. Arbuckle was never given a chance for some reason and they let O'Connor go. O'Connor is a Canadian who might be good given half a chance. If you look at Rourke in BC it seems Canadians can play quarterback.


"He has almost as many interceptions as TD passes." - both are equal now, 5TD, 5 picks

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On a positive note - MacBeth has an above average arm (somewhat inaccurate on swing passes or 30+ yd bombs) and seems willing to take big hits without getting injured.

After that - its all downhill stuff. Doesn't seem to be a team player, doesn't seem to relate to his current coaching staff and does some really selfish stuff. Kinda like a REVERSE MIKE REILLY.

I do agree with some that he's hampered by a timid & often nutbar head coach & OC. But Dinwiddie isn't the worst head coach I've seen in the CFL. Far from it. He's still young - and stupid. But the will to win is there, no doubt. Just making rookie mistakes, unable to in-game correct.

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I don't disagree with other forum posters. MacBeth I hear and he seems like a nice guy, but being a nice guy doesn't help win football games. And we need to win badly to really stay relevant.

I think he has a great arm, but do agree with previous post in that he is somewhat inaccurate. I feel like he doesn't trust himself, and that doesn't give me or anyone else faith to trust him to win big games, especially when it matters.

I agree with the others, he throws way way to many Interceptions and that too and/or is killing our chances of winning any games that matters. Most commonly, when he has a good half, then he blows it in the 2nd half. If they are going to continue to play him, I think they should pull him after the first half. With Macbeth in the #1 spot, hate to say it but I don't see the team winning needed games when it counts. We just lost to an 0 and 6 East Conference team, in the last game, and helped them to put a win on the board for them, not taking anything away from them - as they played well. Our team is making critical mistakes, starting first and foremost with the QB. No matter how many passes he makes, he still also throws a ton of interceptions and/or it is just a bad throw.

I would like to see them give a proper chance to Chad Kelly, as they have not really even given him a proper chance, which is a big waste. I think he can be a starter, but they need to give him some time to get his flow going with the receivers. Macbeth has had many years and I don't see him as a good #1 team QB, not one that is going to be consistent enough to lead the team to win those big games. He is inconsistent and so predictable.

I think if it wasn't Harris & Bede we would be losing far more often and by far bigger scores. The receiving core is playing well. I think Gittens Jr has been playing great, Ambles, Daniels and Phillips have been doing well. But I think a few more decent passes to Banks could also make a huge difference. Throw a few more his way.

Argos Coaching Staff, please take Macbeth out and put in Kelly.


Let Kelly play. Let's see what he's got


This is a little early to be talking next year's QB. But the way MBT embarrasses his Coach on the side lines by throwing his arms around and ranting in Dinwiddie's face is getting a little tiresome. IMO win or lose Sunday MBT is done in Toronto. Some rumours have him calling it quits. Maybe. Bo Levi could well be the starting QB for the Argos next year. I believe he wants to come to TO now and prepare to work with TSN down the road.

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Give the reins to Kelly. I think he's ready

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I wouldn't mind Kelly getting a shot as The Guy either. It does sound like Hamilton may have a leg up on everyone else signing Bo Levi now.

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Back to McBeth. I have been critical of him showing up his Coach on the sidelines etc. etc. But what he said about the League and leadership needed to be said by somebody IMO. Thumbs up for that MBT.