Mac - York game on Cable 14 tonight

I know this isn't a TiCats topic but thought it the best place to post. Just reading in The Spec that at 7:00 tonight, from Hamilton's newest football stadium the Ron Joyce Stadium, you can watch live Mac and York do battle.

Hmm, I wonder if this game will get more Hamilton viewers than the Cats and BC this weekend? :wink:

The coverage on Cable 14 is terrible and the CIS is unwatchable.

I tried to watch the Mac game on the Score last weekend and couldn't watch for more than 30 seconds. Even though Mac came back, it's just too hard to watch.

You compare a CIS game to an NCAA game and I'll take the NCAA game over the CIS any day of the week. I'm a 3 down football guy but I am amazed that any talent comes into the CFL from the CIS ranks.

The Mac game last weekend against Guelph was fantastic....lots of lead changes....very highscoring....and came down to the final play of the game

If you dont have anything nice to say dont say it at all. The CIS has plenty of talent! It might not be as "Pro" as the NCAA, but they do not have nearly as much money to work with.
America is also a football first country and a population of 300,000,000. The chances of a quality player comming from there is ALOT higher then here with our population only beaing 30,000,000. Were also a Hockey first country. Id say were doing fairly darn well if you ask me.

Well said Cats_n_Pac! :thup:

if you want to see a blow out tune in. york is horrible thi year.

This autumn, I moved to Montreal to spend the semester starting on my master's. I've picked up a rinky-dink job with campus recreation mostly working on varsity events. As such, I've had the opportunity to see all of Concordia's games so far this year. This week I beleive they're going up to Laval so I won't be able to follow them to Quebec City. I also had the chance to catch the Vanier Cup last year in Toronto.

I must say, that among the better teams in the CIS, I feel as if the quality has improved greatly in recent years. Of course we don't have the support, funding and resources available to Division I or IA NCAA schools but I can definitely see how some of these kids make it to the CFL. I think the difference between a CIS CFL player and an NCAA CFL player is that the NCAA talent should be ready to go immediately out of school while the CIS talent typically has to spend a year or two on the practice roster or special teams to get up to speed.

LOL they are definitely terrible!, My buddy Mike plays receiver for York and he was telling me they have something like 35 freshman this year. They have lost every game this year by an average of 55-60 points.

All I can do is hope my buddy plays well, but it is kinda funny because he could be playing for mac right now, they recruited him out of highschool but he decided to transfer to York after his freshman season because he wanted more playing time. Its safe to say he got his wish but York is a terrible team.

So I will be cheering on the pride of Sir John A. MacDonald Secondary School tonight lol. If I had money I would go to the game and watch but I'm not borrowing money to watch a blow out lol.