Mac vs Western

Was watching the Game today with my sons, ( only 2 and a half but still a cool bonding moment :slight_smile: ) and saw Coach Marshall talking. It brought back some good memories.

I really miss him in black n gold right now!!!!!!


I think he's a university level coach at best and never should have left Mac. Whatever the case, Mac won the game and that's fine by me.

He's more than a University level coach. He, like Williams and other Ticats, was never given a chance to perform with the right tools to get the job done. He won coach of the year but was handcuffed with weak QBs, and assistant coaches.... I would like to see him back in the CFL in fact, I'd rather see him in at OC than the guy we got now. but he won't be leaving Western any time soon and I don't blame him.