Mac/TiCats game?

Is there a double header this year with MAc then the Tiger-Cats?

Guess not just checked the schedule. :frowning:

Last year was a huge dissapointment with the Mac attendence. Don’t think they will do it again.

I was one of the fans who came to the early game with Mac and Western last year. I was disappointed with how few fans showed up. Maybe 5000. Maybe I shouldnt be disappointed, it was good exposure for CIS football. Raising awareness with events like the doubleheader has to be where it starts.

I was there last year. it was a good idea but it was a really long time to be in the stadium. if i do recall the mac game was quite long witch ment people didnt get to leave for that long.

geez fletch here i was thinkin that there was gonna be a Mac-ticat game this year... which woulda been sweet. and have a lotta hurt mac players afterwards.....