MAC Marauders to hire ex-TiCat OC Stefan Ptaszek as head coach

Great hire for them!

McMaster University plans to hire Stefan Ptaszek as head coach of the Marauders football program.
Ptaszek was the bench boss at Mac from 2006-2015 spending 10 years in Hamilton winning three Ontario University Athletics championships, one Vanier Cup title in 2011 and named the USports coach of the year in 2012.
The 47-year-old spent the 2018 season as offensive coordinator for the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds. Prior to that Ptaszek was the offensive coordinator for two seasons with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, a position he left McMaster to take in 2016.
For the majority of his coaching career, Ptaszek has been in Ontario. After finishing grad school at UBC, Ptaszek was hired as the offensive coordinator at Wilfrid Laurier University for three seasons (2003-2005), winning two Yates Cups and a national crown in 2005.

Good move on both sides. Never got a good shot with the Cats.

Fantastic news.

Now maybe they can re-hire all of the assistants that Knox gassed in the last couple of years.

Great news for Mac. Wish he got more if a chance with the Cats!

McMaster is doing the right thing in hiring Ptaszek . The football program will be in great hands again ! Now we need Joe Raso to coach our basketball team back to glory, as he has done before .

It’s going to be a great Christmas for fellow Mac alums, if Stef and Joe come home to campus.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Yes, he did.
Professional football coaching especially at the coordinator level is not learn as you go.
You have limited time to get yourself understood and respected. He failed at one or both.
He was completely out his depth.

I’m not sure how you can say this with such conviction. His first year it was widely reported that he wasn’t given an opportunity to implement his own systems, and instead was playing catch up learning Austin’s stuff after getting hired two weeks before training camp.

His second year apparently had some more responsibilities (was he ever our play caller?), but that all vanished once June Jones came in.

He didn’t leave because he failed, he left because June Jones was going to have complete control of the offence, regardless of who held the OC title.

He wasn’t hired to implement his own system. He was an emergency hire after Condell bailed.
He was hired to carry out the system already in place and he couldn’t do it.
So much so , for example, it infuriated Collaros . One game (at TOR) He exploded at Austin for Ptasek for either not calling the right play or getting in on time.

It was patently obvious hiring a neophyte like Ptasek was a mistake.

First off, how do you know he couldn’t implement the system? What is this based on? He was stripped of play calling duties after the first game of 2017. The system didn’t exactly improve after that.

He was an OC forced to run someone elses system, and only got to call plays for one game. Not much of a “shot”.

As said earlier you don’t get the luxury of time as a rookie coordinator then compound the problem with your QB having no confidence in your abilities?
The results spoke for themselves.

It’s official, here is the announcement

The recruiting for the team just improved 100%

So the guy can successfully run an entire university program but then could not figure out how to call a screen pass in Austin’s complex offence?

I’m not buying it.

Must have had some smarts, and knowledge of the offensive schemes - Jones more than once claimed Ptaszek’s job last year was to translate his (Jones) calls into Austin’s terminology and relay them for the benefit of Masoli and the receivers.

My take was Austin and Jones preferred to call the plays, rather than have the OC do it. Put the OC in a bit of limbo, kind of like Orlondo this past year?

That makes perfect sense. It would be interesting to see Orlondo and Stefan’s true worth without being shackled by Austin and Jones.

If you were a fan you were an eyewitness to it.

Absolutely nothing like Orlondo this year.

Unless you were there beside Stefan or had a headset tuned to Austin’s frequency during the games then it is all idle supposition.

“Idle supposition”. That goes right onto my “A” pile.

Well piling is what you do best. But you didn’t tell us yet what Austin personally told you about Ptaszeks role on the team.

He said…
“Since the offense is doing so well, For absolutely no reason, I am removing him from play calling duties so he can persue job opportunities in the NFL…hes that good”