Mac + Laurier

Saturday 2 pm Ivor Wyne Stadium a rematch between last seasons Vanier Cup winners and Mac the team they beat out .

I hope alot of people show up to see Mac try and go to 6- 0 . The weather is supposed to be great and i`m sure coach Stephan Ptaszek will want to show laurier that they lost a great coach .

Mac is led by a great running game with Jordan Kozina and Andre Sandeghian.

If you can't make it the game is on 570 News in Kitchener.

Even better, bring the radio to the game. It should be an awesome game, it looks like the weather will be incredible and the kids really deserve your support.

At least 5-10 kids on the field could end up being in the CFL.

I heard from a reliable source that the game will be on the SCORE. Should be a great game. Check the TV listings over the next few days.
Hopefully , the weather will be great and there will be a good turnout for a Hamilton based team that knows how to win at IWS.
Go Mauraders, Go..........


570 doesn't come in very well here.

93.3 CFMU

Go Hawks

Well I hope Mac plays thier best game of the season and Archibald can keep them off balance with a good passing game to go along with our great runnin game . I would really love to see the Hawks get thier butts kicked !!!!!

How many of you are coming?




..some good video/audio here of the McMaster Cheer team at the "Nationals"

click here

Yes, according to the CIS schedule, the Laurier-McMaster game will be broadcast on The Score. You can click here to view the schedule to see information on how the game will be broadcast on radio and television. It does indicate it will be on television.

But there might be a very good crowd (by CIS standards) at IWS for this one. With the Ticats not playing this week, many fans in the area may want to see a team that can win games play at IWS. But victory will not come easily. The Goldenhawks have a 4-1 record, and I understand they are much better than any team the so-far-undefeated Marauders have played so far this year.

Should be a great game. As said already, this will be Mac's toughest game to date. But what a game it will be . Ptaszek's off ence against his former team's defence. And of course , Mac looking for payback after their last 2 losses to Laurier. Mac is getting stronger each game as the players adjust to the new and exciting offence. See you there at IWS

I`ll be thier for sure !!!

don't know about that..... they did lose to ottawa, who mac beat

:thup: GO MAC GO

And Saskatchewan (who whipped Hamilton twice) lost to Edmonton..who Hamilton beat. What exactly is your point?

BYF said they were much better than any team the marauders have played. I think saying "much" is, well, a bit much.

It was funny last week against Queens!The Tigercats were sitting there in the crowd wondering to them self why cant we play like this!got so frustrated watching a winner and left with ten minutes left!Maybe they should watch more often and learn!Laurier are in for a suprize today!LOL