Mac Experience

All in all... very good.

  1. May have been sold out. Couldn't tell because although there were empty seats in the stands there were at least 500 people standing in the end zone most of the night because that was the only place alcohol could be consumed.

  2. $3 parking! First time I've used a paid lot or a game in many years but at that price.....

  3. Free Tim's Coffee- run out of a trailer this time rather than the big thermos jugs used at Guelph. This meant that that didn't run out by the time I got ours!

  4. No real bad seats in the house. Bottom corners make it hard to see the other end but there are screens at both ends as well.

  5. Staff all friendly.

  6. Concessions a bit slow and crowded the small concourse some. Washrooms not really big enough for a full crowd. Neither of these any real problem to somebody with a bit of patience.

  7. No on-field games or advertising promotions. That was odd. Maybe they will pick these up at the new stadium. I didn't miss them at all, mind you. Also no 1/2 time show. Again, that was no real problem with us.

  8. Still had a flyover. Not announced.

  9. Don't know how speakers sounded in the middle of the stands. We were right under one in Section I and though it was loud it wan't deafening.

All in all... a GREAT evening. AND THE WEATHER WAS BETTER THAN GUELPH!!!!!! :slight_smile:

It was a great evening and great win at Mac. It was also a sell-out, although many of the fans spent their time in the end-zones, where they could enjoy a beer, which may have made the stands look less full than they were.

Glad to hear that it was a sellout. Thought so once those endzone fans were counted. The box J boys pressing a young woman overhead to - I think - 25 reps was interesting.

Hope Thursday night is a sellout as well. Well worth it.

BOB - were you there? Did you rent a room in one of the residences for a private box or was it the rooftop patio on a building just outside the stadium by the west endzone?

I was there. A couple of the Ticat front office folks and I cheated by using our security passes to climb up with the TSN camera crew onto the roof of the grandstand. Best view in the house. :wink:

I hope you were wearing a safety tether. The team and the city need you.

Hey Caretaker where do I get a Security Pass ha-ha, congrats on the Win to you and all Tiger-Cat Fans!!

It looked pretty good on TV. The crowd was relatively loud. Anytime the stands are full it looks good.

I heard Bob’s interview on CHML’s pre game show. He comes across as humble and amicable. I think these features are the ones that endear him to Hamilton fans. Continued success, Bob. Its great to get a game in the win colunm. Now to keep it going; especially Labour Day. :thup:

A great time, because the fan experience was not just an after-thought. Here are some of my examples:

Putting the fan's picture tweets up on the big board made for some great fan involvement. Now Milty can understood why the volume of tweets was trending up so quickly.

Letting me exit and re-enter, after filling three empty water bottles, during the half time break, was innovative and greatly appreciated. Scan us out and re-scan us in. That's using ticketing technology properly. I hope they keep it going on Thursday night.

With no drinking allowed in the stands, and no TV coverage of the crowd in the two licensed areas, it looked like there were empty seats on TSN. I promise you I felt part of a large sell out crowd that was having a great time.

The front-office staff greeted us with a smile, and then made sure to be very pleasantly visible on our way out. I grant you that this is easier to do after a win!

We now know that the sideline video boards are aimed at the TV cameras. None of us at the game saw anything but the black side and the hits right through them.

With a forecast of rain, I was carting in poncho packs from Cdn Tire. It never hurts to have a gorgeous July evening with no rain as a the backdrop to a game. It was spitting rain in my backyard in Guelph, so I concede that Mac may have better weather than U of G. Thanks for arranging for the weather, Bob, the rest of the kudos go to plan B and the front office.

Oskee wee wee

I thought Mac did a fantastic job hosting this game, I loved the atmosphere and when talking to fans they seemed to like it also. The ones I feel sorry for are the ones the cried and stayed home, because they thought it would suck, well I had a GREAT time, was great to see friends I have not seen in months, was also very humbling the amount of people that came up to me and new me by name. We have the GREATEST FANS IN THE CFL!!!! OSKEE WEE WEE

Do those security passes come with a couple of tallboys? :wink:

It was alright. Not great, not horrible. Absolutely dead quiet at times, due to the small crowd. Only paid 14 bucks for tickets so I feel like it was worth it. Anymore than that and I'd be questioning my purchase.

All in all I enjoyed myself, but probably won't be going to another game until THF is open.

Thank you, Mr. Young, for your support of this team. I have to believe it has been more of a headache than you ever expected when you bought the team - and more expensive. Thank you, again, for everything. Many, many appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Too bad you feel that way.

Bought my tickets on line for 3 of us, $30.45 each, section I, Guy beside me showed me his ticket $5.25. Little to say we were not happy. They advertised 1200 parking spots. We got there early and they told us they had to fill the parking lots farthest away first. We are Seniors. Walking almost a KM going by other lots were spots were open and younger people partying, didn't sit well. $3.00 Parking price was great but they took the pay booth away after half time so we had to pay at the machine in the lot. Was crazy trying to get out of the lot, gate going up and down for each car. Hope they get those issues sorted out before the next game.
Cats winning made the drive home a happy one. Oski wee wee
Thinking to myself, 35000 seat Cricket field at Confederation Park :roll:

i don’t really put a value on my experiences at ticat games. I’d wish other fans felt the same way. sure if a retail product is overpriced i dont buy it, but price elasticity does not come between my love for seeing the cats in person

wow he got his ticket for $5.25 and thats the actual printed price? how do i get my hands on some of those?

Yes… That sounds wrong.

All in All it was a fun night be a bit more negative if we lost for sure but i did notice 1 thing , the end zone patios were not ran well at 1/2 time there was a line up to get in as im sure the licence only covers so many but in walking around i found many there that were only drinking water this should not be allowed drink or let someone else enjoy a drink :rockin:

PS sell the alcohol tickets outside the patio bar and you must show the ticket(s) to enter the patio

We are undefeated at Mac in 2014!

Beautiful sunset over Mac last night.