Mac and other CIS Football

With almost no coverage of CIS games this year - at least on English TV - with no regular season coverage by either TSN or Sportsnet it is easy to lose track of what is happening. Today we missed some routs and some great games.

Today's best finish - this from The Panda Bowl in front of a big crowd in Ottawa where Carleton pulled out a miracle win against Ottawa. Have a look.

Other than that amazing finish some real one sided routs. Just listen to some of these scores:
Mac 49-2 winners at York
Laval 72-15 winners at Bishop
Windsor 63-4 winners at Waterloo
Guelph 66-0 winners at home over Queens
Western 63-15 winners at home over U of T

Yikes - that many one sided games is not good.

This is the TD Place videoboard video of the same Hail Mary win and the crazy Carleton celebrations.

Well at least NFL Canada is donating money to CIS teams and they have a big push across Canada to make a presence at universities.

NFL Canada just donated $5,000 to Carleton's football team

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French CBC (Radio Canada) broadcasts CIS/RSEQ games on Saturday afternoons. I watch regularly. Bishops was in the game early against Laval yesterday, until the R&O woke up and took over in their usual fashion.

French CBC has done that for years. What gives with English CBC? Should be right up their alley of promoting Canadian sports without having to spend too much on a pro league rights fee.

Huge win for Mac today at Western. Marauders driving 77 yards late in the game to score a touchdown with less than a minute to go to edge Western 32-29. Going into the game Western was ranked #2 in the country and Mac was ranked number 4 - so that is a huge win for Mac and should move them up to #2 or 3 in the country.

Mac are now 6 - 0 and in first place in the OUA. They have a bye week next week and are home to Laurier on Saturday the 18th.

And yes it is a shame this game was not on 'real' television. No offence but the Cable 14 coverage today - which was a pick-up of the Western feed was not the best to watch. Heck even the on screen score had the scores listed as 'Visitor' and 'Home'. lol

Just gonna throw this out there, because not a lot of people know, Cable 14 (at least on Cogeco) has a high def feed at 814 or 914 I believe, although they usually only broadcast the Bulldogs in hi-def.

I'm missing not being able to follow Mac games on TV this year and since I don't live in the Hamilton area, can't even watch them on cable (good or otherwise). However I just realized that I could have been listening to the games online since CHML does broadcast them. Guess I'll have to remember that for the remainder of their season - which isn't too many more games. Glad to hear that they are doing well!!

I am sure somebody must know the answer to this question; why with 5 channels and C.I.S. football being Canadian content would T.S.N. not have the games on one of the channels? I realize you can watch the O.U.A. online and one game a week in French but it seems like a no brainer to me to have the C.I.S. on one of T.S.N.'s channels, so what is the reason they do not?

Every game is live-streamed on

In fact, that's where Cable 14 picked up their feed from yesterday.

Yeah, Mustangs should have won that one but excellent win by Mac, unfortunately though as I'm a Stang fan. Watched it on Cable 14, quality of the telecast not as good as when games are at Mac though. :?

Cable 14 brodcasts the Mac games in HD. I've watched on the HD channel and i've seen their HD truck at ron joyce as well.

TSN doesn't brodcast the games because Rogers holds the rights for playoffs. They dont want to pump up a product and have Rogers take it over when most ppl watch the playoffs.

Rogers are scum and decided not to air regular season this year because it wasn't brining in enough viewers.

To be totally fair to Rogers they also dropped it in large part because almost everybody employed for the company is involved with their new NHL packages on Saturdays. (Although that was not an excuse for September). They are covering up to 7 live NHL hockey games each Saturday starting next week and I would assume that pretty much ties up all their production facilities and personnel.

If TSN doesn't want to do it for competitive reasons I wish the CBC would step in. I know they've said they are no longer going to bid on big money professional sports leagues - but university football should be right up their alley. Clearly the French wing of the company thinks so as SRC has Quebec school games every week.

Has anyone written CBC and asked ???

But didn't TSN "lose out" to Rogers? So I think like the NHL they wanted the contract, but lost out. Maybe I'm missing something here? :?

Very sad that the CIS has to rely on local a local cable type channel to air their games if their thinking was a company like Rogers was going to do it but backed out after they signed whatever type of contract CIS did sign with Rogers. Not a very good one obviously.

Yes I remember reading TSN bid 5 billion and Rogers upped them and bid 5.2 Billion.

Rogers better be able pull this off a great production because they stand to lose a lot of money. They've already changed the HNIC format. No more round table discussion. Ron Maclean isn't as prominent. A lot more high tech stuff. Not as many musical montages.

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I wish the CRTC stepped in to mandate a certain amount of University ball in Canada had to be brodcast each week. Its not like one game a week in Ontario is overly expensive

Well since we have a bye week - if you want your local football fix this weekend there is what should be a dandy game being played at Mac this Saturday. Guelph at Mac for the Yates Cup. Mac knocked off Ottawa yesterday and Guelph rolled over Western - so the top two teams in the OUA meet in the final for the Yates Cup.

This info is on the Mac Athletics website.

DBAC - is the David Braley Athletic Centre on the Mac Campus.

That really is an OUA matchup that a Ti-Cat fan can't help but like, no matter who wins. Mac being the local team and Guelph being the great place down the road that opened up to us in our time of need.

Odds are pretty good that whoever wins this match, is going to the Vanier. Not looking past Mount Allison, it's just it's been 7 years since the Atlantic division made it to the Vanier. It's the downside of having such a small conference is there just isn't as much play, or as large a talent pool to draw from locally. I know I'd rather play them, then Guelph or McMaster, any day of the week.

I was watching the Mac game on cable 14in HD on Saturday. with about 5 minutes to go in the 4th quarter with the score tied at 28-28, and Mac with the ball, cable 14 abruptly ended coverage and went to some interview show. wow I was shocked. It appears that right at 4pm, the broadcast window for OUA football ended. So I just went to the ti cat game. I can't believe they did that considering they are a community channel. :roll: