Maas's comments on ch ch about his arm!

"My arm sucked all last year in practice and is just starting to feel good the last few weeks this year" as a fan its finally nice to hear it from the Cats mouth ,case closed! :roll: our record shows it :thdn:

Most players would go on IR if they were hurt because they knew they weren't going to be able to contribute to the team by playing ...

Not our fearless (and selfish) leader though.


Give him another start this week, perhaps Labour Day as well ... don't put points on the board, don't win ... give the job to Chang.

Getting tired of all the excuses from #11.

I guess with Jason finally coming clean on his shoulder it means he feels his arm is getting stronger. I thought he was throwing with a little more zip the last couple of games. But he still has a ways to go to get back to his Edmonton days.
When one has been throwing on a wing and a prayer for the last year and a half, any improvement looks great.
I don't know who the powers that be in Hamilton thought they were fooling, denying anything was wrong with Jason. Everybody in the league could see that, well except maybe Danny Maciocia. Danny wouldn't trade somebody with a bum arm would he? :o

Maas is just stating what we already know.
The fact is this, if he says his arm is just starting to get better and stronger the last few games, then it isn't anywhere near good enough for this league.
At thirty-one years old in the cfl, with limited arm strength and not possessing quick feet, you're very limited in your options.
I really wish he could come back to his old form but I doubt that is possible.

This is the second time he's said that he played hurt all last year. Now he's admitting he's still hurt. When does he do the right thing and step aside to heal or retire

Since coach Taafe seems to be committed to sinking or swimming with Maas, fans better hope that his arm will return to full strength and he can pick up where he left off in Edmonton. Otherwise.....

An Argo-Cat fan

I really wanted Hamilton to make a splash this year. They did make a splash but they haven't come up for air. they just sank right to the bottom again.

Next year for sure.

Go Hamilton, except against Riders.

If you play injured and win you're tough, fearless, a hero. If you play injured and you lose you're selfish. Funny isn't it.

Not funny, just realistic. Why should somebody be commended for playing injured and losing?

I can't seem to find where I said that they should be commended?

So what is your point then?

As many here have pointed out over and over again on here,"it's a team game and you should be doing what's best for the team not yourself."

I would argue that Jason is to be commended. If he is the best QB the team had, even with a sore shoulder, then playing through the pain is exactly what he should have done, and he should be admired for playing.

If you don't think he was good enough then blame team management for not finding a better Qb than Jason. But you sure can't blame Jason for being tough enough to play with a sore shoulder when asked to.

Does it really matter what Jason did or didn't do, jason was in a no win situation, the coach knew the situation and still wanted him to play, Jason is a team player and wanted to help if he could, you people who constantly insult him would have found ten other nasty words to call him if he wouldn't have played, so it really doesn't matter what he did last year or what he does this year you will still bash him, so lets move on!

How de we no jason is the best QB on our team.None of the other QB `s has receieved any worthwhile playing time especially Williams and now Chang,Jason has had 25 games to prove himself and our record is 5 and 20 with him starting!Now that is a pathetic record to commend.

If we are to believe Jason then he played all last year with a bum arm, had a bum season, bummed out the fans and collected $400,000.
This year his arm is better, he still has a bum record, and as he grabs his helmet once again it is everybody elses' fault that he's a bum.

I guess nobody was really paying all that close attention last game when they were talking about Maas admitting that his arm didn't feel right this season until the win against Winnipeg.

There are many here who would argue that management has found a better QB in Timmy Chang, and that given the situation a few games ago, he should have been started. At least it would have settled the issue of whether he is really ready to play in this league, and the Cats would not be any worse off than the team is now. And then there was Rocky Butler, perhaps not "better," but still competent and healthy.

Hmmm, maybe employees of the club should be whipped by the language police before the fans are? Just a biased opinion :slight_smile:

Then again, the term used in the interview was light compared to what he yelled at the fans in box j on more than one occasion.

So is the bummed shoulder a revelation? Will this season be one of biblical significance....stay tuned.

if hamilton spent the money to get jason maas a proper strength coach and physical threapist then none of these problems would have happened, thats what happens when you play with fire, i still remember when coach marshall coached here and he hired one of his cronie macmaster buddies to be the strength coach, which was a joke, the ticats should invest money in top of the line strength coaches that have pro experience, and they should invest in better weight rooms and training/physical threapy rooms that will enable players to maximize their talents.