MaasChang Maas Chang Printers Maas Chang........Williams!!

Who'd a figured........Richie sat by all crying. No complaining. No problems.
He throws a tight ball.
Keith and Williams are players of the game.....other than me, who else predicted that?

I said along that we should give it to Williams but no takers. Now I say trade Printers and ride the wave with Williams!!

I said along that we should give it to Williams but no takers. Now I say trade Printers and ride the wave with Williams!!
Good joke. TSN had a poll of who would you rather have as a starter, printers or Burris. 60% selected printers.

After watching him I think he is the real deal, he's poised, looks off receivers, understands this offence very well, but, don't get carried away and throw him in the HOF just yet, wait and see how he handles things as a starter after a defence has prepared for him.

Also he is not as good as Printers, it takes about 4 weeks for a q.b to learn a system, but I would leave Williams in untill Casey knows the plays inside and out.

I'm a Rider fan and watched the game tonight. I have to say, I've been VERY impressed with Richie Williams. Not only based on his performance tonight (which was outstanding - he looked calm and his fundamentals are amazing - did you see that fake pitch to Lumsden on the long pass to Starling that resulted in the pass interference play?) but when he came in after Timmy Chang got yanked against the Argos in Toronto he looked very good then. I'll be very interested to see how his career develops.

What`s scary, is that Williams,(with some games under his belt) could probably be a starter on a few teams. He has the poise, intelligence and football sense to be really good!!!

But by no means would I give up Printers, hes our quarterback and will be for years( hopefully!) Printers is definately the man, and will show why hes one of the best. He just needs to put some games in to learn the offence, and to get the offence to gel.

I think Taffe and Co. should keep Williams in mind as the QB of the future. For the right now? I think Printers should keep starting and Williams should be kept on the bench as much as possible to get better and more mature, (next season, season after). Personally tho, I think Williams was helped by having Jesse and Armstead back. Was it me or were the play action roll outs working real good against the Calgary Defense? They seemed to be afraid of Jesse's running.
We also CANNOT forget that Hamilton's D stepped it up a notch tonight. I think Keith was standing on his head tonight, (to borrow a hockey term).


Definitely - you don't pay $500,000 for a backup. Printers is your starter, but every team needs a competent backup (just ask the Stamp fans - they're already folding the season if Burris' injury is anything substantial) and it looks like Williams can be the guy. When you consider Moreno, Keith and Lumsden, you guys (Ticats) have some very impressive young guys you can build around. I think you need maybe one more big name receiver and a better Canadian receiver - sorry, Brock doesn't impress me at all - and give Printers a full training camp - I think you guys are very close to being a very competitive team, unlike Toronto which I believe is in free fall.

Richie Williams is the SINGLE BIGGEST reason I have taken a STEP BACK from posting on this site ...

The people on this board are as THICK AS BRICKS when it comes to EVALUATING TALENT ... this INCLUDES our Coaching Staff too ... this kid has been here for the better part of two years and has done NOTHING but PERFORM when asked ... yet NOBODY would listen to this LONE WOLF HOWLING ...



I'm questioning the player talent evaluation skills on the Cats myself.


After two games, Mean? :wink:

You were spot-on with your comments about Williams. I saw his potential, but I didn't see how quickly he could emerge as a baller and put himself clearly as the #2 guy.

2008? Casey will be pushed by Richie if he can build upon his recent performances. No doubt in my mind. I do think that barring injury, Casey will be able to run this offense efficiently in the coming weeks with a similarly-focussed effort from his O-unit as a whole.

I like QB controversies that ACTUALLY WORK. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Normally when the starter goes out I worry a lot because usually the backup doesn't do much. But last night I wasn't worried about Williams coming in and he did an admirable job. He looked smooth and comfortable out there and I'm really glad we have him. I would have liked to have seen some more touchdowns but I'm not going to complain about a win. Good job.

If Printers is even questionable for next week, I say give Williams the first team reps this week and see what the man can do. But be warned - sometimes good backups don’t make good starters.

you do if the other guy turns out to be better. At least until you can trade him.

Apart from the forced fumble, Casey wasn't doing that bad out there. Its not like he was making bad decisions every play ala the rookie Chang, or losing control of his emotions ala Maas. But if the injury is anything serious, put him into study and recuperation time for a week and let the stars from last night (Setta, Williams, Keith, Moreno and Lumsden) pick up the slack for the next game. Its only been recently that i'd heard of the restriction on # of practice hours a week; if i were Coach Taafe, i'd call the CFLPA and ask them for some sort of waiver from the restriction, both Printers and Williams need more reps than practice currently allows, and quickly.

now if the cats can fire taafe and hrie dave ritchie and start richie williams at QB. They will have a rich & rich combo. Can you dig it?

Yeah, I told Taaffe after the black and gold scrimmage, during training camp that the qb to watch was Richie Williams. I mentioned he was like a young Casey Printers...quick feet, strong arm and he makes things happen when he's out there.