Maas vs Chang

Its all we talk about so lets hear some good reasons without ripping each other apart.
Here is my reason to start Chang:
I find the argument Jason gives us our best chance to win irrelevant since we are not winning. Marcel would be hard pressed to trade Maas based on his contract and performance to date. The question is can the cats afford a 300,000 back-up for Chang? The answer has to be no but since he is in the budget for this season what better way to develop Chang than have Maas as his mentor. This may be the only season we have to give Chang the opportunity to develop and have a seasoned veteran come off the bench if he struggles. Whether we win or lose in Montreal this organization needs to find a way to get Chang some meaningful playing time because to date the club simply does not win with Maas at QB.

Thanks for starting this thread. I to had a hard time finding a discussion about this on the forum.

The Cats are not on the hook for Maas's full $300k salary until September 3 (I think--or is it the 5th?). Anyway, if they cut or trade him before then, they do not have to guarantee the rest of his contract. However, my guess is that they keep all three QBs with Maas getting most of the playing time, Chang getting in here and there and Williams sitting. I don't think they can sit guys making that kind of coin. Like you, I think Chang should start a few games with Maas as backup but I don't see it happening until we're nearer the end of the season if at all since Maas still appears to have the confidence of the coaches.

I have a feeling that we're going to see a few 'big names' being cut or traded by CFL teams between now and early Sept. Robert Edwards was one. I think Argo RB John Avery may be another to go.

An Argo-Cat fan

I said before the next 4 weeks will determine what coaches do at the QB position. We have 4 division games. If we can go 4-0 or 3-1 (I know its a stretch) we are in good position for a playoff spot. However we go 1-3 or 0-4 look for Chang to start the rest of the way.

Should the Cats lose to Montreal on Saturday, I could see Marcel moving Maas to the Lions of BC. Apparently Buck Pearse has a separated shoulder and Dickinson is still concussed.The Lions will need an experienced quarterback behind Jarious Jackson.Maas is not Marcel's guy. The previous administration is responsible for Maas.
This possible scenario would certainly disappear with a bunch of wins but I can't see it happening with Jason at the helm. But what the hay, ya never know in the CFL.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

Hmm that's an interesting observation. That might work.

I am unhappy with the results so far this year. I think that Maas is regaining his confidence and functioning within the offensive system. I also believe that Chang has the potential to give us a bright future. While contracts play a role in the decision I think that Taafe has a good record with QB's and is trying to train all of the QB's.

I suggest that unless we fall in a huge bucket of victory in the next few weeks, Chang will be playing more down the stretch to set up for camp in "08. Until then Maas is still the guy.

who knows what you know since you know you are not realy saying what you know. Do you know what I mean whoknows. :smiley:

I'm not holding my breath, Pat. Even though Maas's presence in Hamilton has clearly shown he it is incapable of leading this team to a higher level moving him from the squad is absolutely out of the question unless the Cats can land an expendable CFL experienced proven QB. Unfortunately there are none available now and appears none will be available in the near future years, unless you consider Cradell an option. The Cats are stuck in the Twilight Zone with the 8th best starting qb in the league and a most promising team otherwise.

What really worries me is Chang and Williams jumping ship, should they see the writing on the wall, and it plays out the way they see it. If we struggle but maintain a small iota of a chance for a playoff spot late into the season, they will see little more than pine bench experience. And the likely prosect of more of the same next year.

Get your Maas thread topic in order for the 2008 season.

I got mine! "I Developed a Lot of Grey Hairs in 2007"

Well, whatever happens, it should be interesting to see what the reaction is should Chang start playing regularly and win games...