Maas trades himself to Hamilton........

Some are speculating that Maas is a "wink-wink" part of the trade. Like maybe we'll trade our first round pick (possibly first overall) to Edmonton for Maas in the off-season. Sounds like a raw deal for Edmonton, but taken as a whole with the original trade, it would be good (and fair) for both teams.

Very good insight Dave, I think we will see Maas in the Hammer next year and Printers (when he flunks the NFL) in TO.

A first overall pick would be great! It could really help them with O-Line help.

I agree that it looks like there will be trade of Maas to Hamilton this off season. Usually though, the participating teams are more honest about these kinds of quid pro quo deals ie. they usually call it "future considerations". Printers can't go to Toronto next year if he flunks his NFL aspirations because it will be his option year n'est-ce pas? That means he has to come back to BC or be traded away.

.......ha guys thought I was joking a few weeks back eh?........

Can you see Ghosts too?
Or is it just mind reading and predictions!

....Nostrademus has nothin on you red....I think we all had this one figured when that lopsided loan/trade was announced....I for one don't like this kind of dealing that Huey pulled off....does not cast a good light on the league....and now everyone is going to try this stuff.....b.s....oh yeah red the way can you tell me who the Grey Cup contenders will be NEXT year...and NO BIAS PLEASE.... :lol:

.......Grey Cup 2006: Saskatchewan Roughraiders vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers.......Stegall catches game winning TD pass thrown by Spurgeon Wynn, Casey Printers who led the Green and White to a second consecutive cross-over playoff spot and crushing defeats of Ottawa and Hamilton cries after the game....... what perception.....I'll get ready for a BIG year....thanx guy... 8)