Maas trades himself to Hamilton........

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In a move destined to create contractual tidal waves within the CFL and perhaps the sports world entirely Jason Maas, the backup QB for the Edmonton Eskimos and this year’s leading candidate for Ervine J. Wallflower Award, has traded himself to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

“In reviewing the exchange of players announced earlier today between the two clubs it was clear to me that the Eskimos hosed the Ti-Cats�, announced Maas in a hastily thrown together media scrum outside of Rogers Centre where the Eskimos are to meet the Argonauts this weekend, “I thought, ‘Oh great, there’s Hugh taking advantage of another team again’ and something inside me couldn’t rationalize the trade so I took it upon myself to balance the scales. Its clear Hamilton is in need of a young QB to take over from McManus soon and with my talents really going to waste with the Eskimos I really feel it is best for everyone that I be included in the earlier trade�.

When asked if this apparently unilateral amendment to the trade had been approved by the Eskimo organization Maas noted “I’m sure it will be fine with the guys there, they won’t miss me at all seeing that Ricky (Ray) is going to play every freaking minute of football left in the season. Ol’ Junior (Ron Lancaster Jr, the EE Offensive Coordinator) can hold a clipboard better than I can. Besides, with our current loss streak, hell man, the last place you want to be is around Hugh Campbell right now�.

TSN tried to contact the Eskimo’s management during the interview but the receptionist at the Commonwealth Stadium Head Office could not be heard over the background sounds of tormented wails and breaking glass.

that is funny.

You should start your own web-based sportsnews media.

prognostication.....premonition.......or accurate will probably all turn to fact....good one RedandWhite.... :slight_smile:

I wonder how long it takes for someone to read this and, not realizing it's tongue-in-cheek, tries to rant. . .excellent post, R&W. . .

lol, that is funny

so is he with the cats now???


…wit is lost on some…

oh, it's a joke? I'm feel serouis today.

It's becoming less of a joke with the new rumours going on...

yeah, I notice the other topic, well, the Cats need a good QB so, why not?

although ray is playing like shit . Edmonton should give Maas a go before he goes.

I disagree with the fact that you think Ray is playing like ****. He's had a few questionable performance for a few quarters recently, but he still leads the league in many passing categories. I do however agree with you that Maas needs some playing time when Ray is having these brief slumps.

Edm losted to Hamilton for a reason. I believe that reason was Ray. If Maas goes to Ham, then Ray is in the clear to be Top Dog in Edmfor several seasons.

RedandWhite, I just logged on and read your post....too funny. Might be the start of a whole new career for you....Printers is probably sitting on the sidelines looking woefully at his cell phone, and wondering how the heck Maas managed to pull it off.

Ah, those Cheating Edmonton Eskimos are at it again. DUMP THOSE BUMS, RedandWhite! They couldn't win FAIRly if they were thrown into a Ferris Wheel!

Too funny RedandWhite but man, I'd love to see Maas here in The Hammer, hopefully this will happen in the off season.

And Ray is still a great qb, his o-line isn't protecting him the way he should and I don't think the running backs there are blocking when they need to, it seems to me anyway.

Isn't Ricky Ray the highest paid QB in the CFL. Does anybody know?

......and give up my lucrative gig managing an Amish exotic dancing troupe?.......are you nuts?..........

You're much better off with the Amish...... is exotic dancing to them anything that isn't a square dance? And I'll apologize in advance if I've offended any Amish people on this site...... although, if you're Amish you're not supposed to be using technology, so you shouldn't be here anyways...

If you're starting your own network, it should be the NPN, the No Pants Network, as pants are evil and should be removed from the planet. If it's web-based, you really shouldn't have to wear them, so it all works out.