Maas To Start

Lancaster has said that Maas will start the game on saturday vs the riders

has our fate already been sealed before the game starts? I believe so, I don't understand why they just don't give him a day off, now we will likely get embarrassed at home yet again!

the maas thing is bad a joke. he shouldnt be starting another game this season he is injured and cant play. but the worse thing in the article was about hill. we dont know where he is and he wont be bak for saturday :cry:

you are off your rocker, who would you suggest start? the two QB's that did nothing last week. Maas at least passed to Ranek for a TD. what did Eakin and Williams do? I am not judging their talent they are all fine QB's but when a back up does not even come close to out shining the starter you play the starter. I would have a different opinion if Eakin or Williams brought us back to a win. I agree Maas can do better but the issue with our team is not just at QB. A litle off topic for this thread but i would like to see Hitchcock sat at free safety and Quinnie needs to be played more.

yea but hill not being there might be a good thing for at least a week, they can concentrate on getting certain guys the ball and not worrying about who is upset with not getting the ball, that is unless they dress another WR in place of Cavil...but they hope woodard is able to play on saturday and that will be a HUGE help, but I still think playing Maas is a recipe for disaster again!

but will hill be there next week? the way it was said / worded i dont know if hill is comming back. we can only pray

I say they should be starting Richie Williams...we gave eakin a start this year already and we know how that turned out, now give Williams a chance and see what he can do, he played decent for the time he was in last game, os heck why not? we got nothing else to lose...cept another game, and with Maas at the helms another loss is inevitable!

Maas should get the start.... paying him the big money, but should be pulled if he's not productive.... would like to see Williams get more playing time.

Whatever the causes, Maas and the offence haven't been able to get the job done this year.

As outsiders, we don't know what's going on with the team. Maybe Maas is starting because they've decided to let him call all his own plays, maybe his injury has healed, whatever.

If he isn't moving the ball in the first half though we need to see what Williams can do.

I will state again i do not belive MAAS is the big issue with this team. MAAS is the future quater back of this team. they have put way to much effort into making that the case. If they do not want to start our starting quaterback they should release him. I agree with seeing what Williams can do but you do not slap MAAS in the face by not starting him.

couldnt of said it better. :thup:

see people like you do not see the issue with him...maas IS THE PROBLEM...he had shoulder surgery a few years back and this has affected his ability to throw the ball...there is no mustard put on it...his passes are just lobbed all the time...this results in to the short passes the whole game because he cannot go deep that often...he had one 5000 yard year a few years ago while ricky ray was in the NFL, and then maas had the surgery...i think its a similar injury as to what khari jones had and eventually ended his career, Maas should not have been a starting quarterback but he thought that it was time to jump to being a starter only because of that one 5000 yard year and when he came in for 2 games and played good in the playoffs last season! Maas was the wrong guy to sign as a starter! he is a good backup and nothing more!

Williams came into the game late in the fourth quarter and only got a couple series. How was he supposed to bring the team back when losing by thirty points?

Eakin looked good last year, but no better than Maas this year. In the few plays Williams had he looked much more promising. Yes, it was against back-ups and starters just playing out the clock, but what the heck...why not? What the worse that could happen - get shutout at home?

Well i hope you have applied for the GM position with the CATS because it was the organization that saw something in MAAS and signed him as the future and our starter. I will stand by what i said and if this is the case and he is the issue then he should be released or traded.

True Touchdowncats,JasonMaas is best in a tandem two QB team, coming off the bench.

As Crash pointed out on another site ,we should have grabbed Joseph when we had the chance and gone into the season stacked at QB....WE let one get away too easy...

I think the organization may realize that getting Maas was a mistake but they have put in too much to just get rid of him now...and if they don't then they all should be going to see a psychologist.

completely agree, sure we got Holmes for Joseph but what has holmes done? nothing because he doesn't get a chance...if we had joseph who can scramble and throw on the run and CAN throw deep then we would stand a far better chance at winning some games!

That would have been a great idea but at the time everyone thought MAAS was the man and didn't realize homes would have this little of an impact.

There's a strong possiblity that Maas is damaged goods. His passes don't look sharp and he doesn't seem to have confidence in his ability to move the ball.

If true, then should the Cats get a rebate or something? Maybe a physical would be a good idea before making the next major acquisition.

Darn Albertans with all their oil money, no debt, clear blue skies, beautiful mid-western girls, mountains...

I agree, Richie Williams should get a shot at QB Saturday. The kid had more 1st down's in his 6min of action then Mass in the entire 1st half. Besides the kid has heart, something that is missing from alot of the players. Anybody who is going to go in the game and play as hard as he did regardless of the score and the time left in the game deserves a chance. Besides what else is there to lose at this point? Mass is not getting the job done yet.....why not look to your other QBs!

Against backups in a prevent defence.

I agree that he DID play with heart, but what would you expect out of your 3rd-string QB?

How about losing the game, losing any cohesion between the recievers and Mass, losing the O-line blocking schemes with a more pocket passer in Maas, etc...