Maas To Start Friday

now i was reading that marshal has maas starting the preseason game… now am i the only one who feels this is a bad idea. we all know hes capable of doing what he gets paid for… sure he needs time to gell with the recivers but… isnt it risky! u have newcomers on the argo’s defence trying the impress every1 so there going to be giving it 130% what if he gets injured! and its preason game one… i say play Richie and Eakin… let maas play 4th quarter… or at least next preseason game at home… that way if he does gethurt… i can see him play first! lol… just my two cents…

New Offensive Co-Ordinator
New Receivers
New QB
New Running Backs
New System...


1 QTR should be fine.

yeh but first?? id put him in 4'th with some time left.. i would say its to risky.

Enough already with this "RISK OF INJURY" warning. That risk is there every time they step on the field, including practice fields.
If athletes and coaches continually worry about something like that, they're in the wrong profession. All successful athletes know that the best protection is to hit the other guy harder than he hits you.

im not saying dont play him, if that was the case i woulda said so.. im just saying i dont feel he should start right away...

Agreed. Good post.

What's the difference between starting right away or playing later in the game?

I think Blitz has a point about an increased risk of injury.

  • against the Argos and the "no love lost" feelings

  • newbies/rookies trying to make an impact and statement... maybe an extra or late shot

Only saving grace may be that during exhibitions, teams often play their starters (1st team players) early/1st quarter and bring 2nd stringers and newbies in gradually (2nd quarter and on). Maas may end up playing primarily against Argo veterans if he plays just the 1st quarter.

Hatred still there but nothing major to prove and usually (some) mutual respect.

Team needs real game situations, speed and practice and to make a statement re competitive and planning on winning, not just showing up because it's a nothing game.


THANKS YOU!! i mjust saying there more to it then just he needs time to know how to werk the offence n what not, thats for practice i never said lets not play him cause of injury im just saying, there enough bad blood here and they will probly do nething to take us out this year… hell they sign williams in this case to. there a team that’l do nething to win.


All the rust needs to be gone and things need to be a clickin' for the season opener. We face the Argos and we can't afford to have a weak showing with bad timing on offence.
They should take it like any other game and be playing at 100% anyway.

Besides all the reports from training camp are saying Eakin looks great. So if this is the case then we shouldn't worry too much!!

Start Jason and keep him in until you can see that the offence has its timing down.

This is the problem with only 2 preseason games. 1 more should be added to get all the starters in cause the first one should be strictly for the rooks who are trying to make the team.

Woo hoo it's almost here!! :thup:

Maas has been brought in to be "The Guy". The money has been paid and he comes as the man to make all the difference.....let's see what he can do! Many players have great skills, but they need to perform when it counts. I know it is only preseason, but he needs to work with the 1st string offense--timely, leadership, quality snaps against the other teams best is where he needs to be working. It does not help to put him in at the end against the guys that are mostly going to be cut or have reduced roles with the Argos come regular season. I thought Maas was a tough guy--don't worry about him so much. Let's see what he has to offer. I love this Eakin kid, but Maas is the starter and I want to see him put it all together on the field.

I agree with you Boxer, Maas is here to be the starting QB lets get him in there and work with the offense right away in game situations. I love this Eakin kid to and he is ready obviously to step in if Jason gets hurt. So lets play ball!

I agree we have to show the argos what we have.

i can't believe that Flick hasn't been on here yet to say "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" to the addition of an extra preseason game....


(and since he hasn't i'll just point out that the logistics dont really work out with THREE preseason games and 8 teams)


yeh, Flick and Bob have bin quiet since the new forum has opend. i wonder if they still have an account

Ummm… Bob is now known as “Caretaker”, in case you didn’t notice…

As for DJ - methinks he has a little bit more on his mind than posting on a website…

I like to see them Wait Till the home Preseason Game

With only a couple of weeks of training camp, and only 2 pre-season games, Maas has to start and play. This shor a pre-season leaves little time for both evaluation of players and preparation for the season. The first unit should start and play for at least a quarter. Practice is nothing like a real game.