Maas Supportters in Denial!!!

Why do Maas suppoters disbelieve what they see ,a poorly thrown ball, a improper read ,and a lack of confidence in his own ability's are the halmark of his play.What he has done in Edmonton has not transpired here in Hamilton,everyone wanted Jason to be the guy ,to succeed here ,but it has not and will not happen.It aint personal it is just the facts and No Coach can make his arm better !

I agree. I was a Maas supporter last year early on but I gave up as I started noticing him miss open receivers. Even when he was healthy he was average and only put up big numbers that one year because they were stacked at receiver. He hasn't done a thing since he's gotten here so I really don't understand why he has so many supporters.

true. I will never happen with Maas. He has nothing left in the tank. He is a Liability

Oh brother, aren't there ENOUGH Maas threads... try complaining about something new, or post in the threads ALREADY running!!

Maas is just at the end of a very long list of things I'm in denial about. :wink:

I think we're heading for a record here halfthedistance, don't stem the flow. :lol:

then by all means... please continue... :lol:

I actually went and counted the number of Maas threads since saturday and there are only 13 of them lol.

It seems like people are forgetting:

So far this year we have a better offence than Montreal!

9 points to 7 seven points.

We're tied for second place in the east, with Winnipeg leading with one point.