Maas STILL the man to start?!?!?!?!

What is wrong with this organization that people can see through this guy and realize that he is no good? how many interceptions does the guy have to throw each game before he gets benched for a game? more many more games will we lose this season if they continue to start Maas? This is just getting plain and rediculus, look for another beating on saturday, I wonder how long it will take for Lancaster to pull Maas from the game and put equally crappy Eakin in for him! WHY DON"T THEY JUST PLAY WILLIAMS!!!! :twisted: :twisted:

heres the link to the story that Maas is starting! :thdn:

Gotta see what we have in Maas in order to make decisions for next year. He does afterall have a 62 percent completion rate, if we can get his interceptions way, way down and a few td's, well, maybe he can be 'da man here.

ACtually the offence looked better, the problem was there was no co-ordination, from the reciever,s to the oline, they were real messed up,(paopao) the oline got better, now the recievers, HAVE to run better routes, and GET open , in one on one coverage,- Agianst the argo,s it wont be easy, they give up the 7 or8 yd running play , and blanket cover any passes over 15 yds, with HILL and FLIck hopefully can figure out how to get open, You cant blame the qb, if the recievers are bunched up or flatfooted -and Williams is a raw rookie, who did well in the 4th qtr, in a blowout, nothing comared to starting against the argo D

Yes he will which is a good idea (even though i have said in the past maybe he shoul nt play). he is a mess and was a mess because of the offensive strategy. I hope he doesn't get run out of town. He is our starter for this year and next. Cheers to our new GM finally someone with football knowledge.

While I am by no means happy with Maas' play this year, I still give him the benefit of the doubt because of the atrocious Pao Pao system that Mass and players were thrown into.

I'll wait till next year and see what he and the team can do with another coach and system.

...and hopefully healthy

And I still say we need a friggin receivers coach here!!!

at leat 2 int,s last game, the recievers were just running anywhere, how can the qb make a throw if he doesnt know where the recievers are going, qb should lead the receivers, not the other way around. imo stick with basic timing routes and just scramble if they aint open, flutie ball 101

Excellent points MassD and Cap.Kirk.

Flutie ball yes, dead on MD, or Henry Burris ball or Damon Allen ball, this is 3 down football for christ sakes where the qb should have more room to do pitch and catch stuff, more improvising, just plain more Flutie ball.

Captain Kirk:

Next year?????
You are scaring the daylights out of me. After this season's disgraceful performance by Maas and Eakin, neither one of them should be allowed within a mile of Ivor Wynne Stadium after this season ends...or before.

While your at mr62cats, why not ban the oline to they've stunk it up to dont ya think, or wait a minute, how bout the receivers who have'nt make plays, or how bout ranek who has run for about200 yards,or paopao he.....oh yea hes been banned. Whew!

Earl,maas has a 62 % completion percentage because he averages crappy 5 yard passes ,my little girl can do that!What si more important for aprofessional QB is his crappy touchdown percentage veresu his high interception .Maas is a disaster as our QB !!!!!

This year is a wash
Our New GM wants to see how Jason Handles it. Next Year I am shure Well See some changes

Here's a quote I agree with. It's by Marcel Desjardins in today's Spec regarding Maas.

[i]"I think the biggest thing is from day one was his degree of being comfortable with what was going on offensively," Desjardins said.

"I don't think it was geared to what he does well. Things just snowballed and got worse and worse. The bottom line is he has to play better and he knows it. His frame of mind is still good, he knows he can do it and we're going to give him the chance to do that."


Yes, the offensive plan wasn't probably geared to how he plays the qb position, a big factor for sure I think. Sort of like a coach in hockey saying we are going to win by playing a physical game but you have all small quick guys on your team, doesn't make sense. Or a basketball team trying to run fast breaks and pressure defense with tall, slow guys.
Maybe Jason needs some freedom to improvise and be himself more out there.

[quote=“Earl”] He does afterall have a 62 percent completion rate"

Earl i’m sorry but the only reason he has a 62% completion rate is because more than half his passes are little dump passes…if u look at his passing chart i could b 99% sure that most of his completions come from lil 10 or under routes but when it comes to 15-20 yard passes hes horrific, sorry but that number is misleading, and passing percentage means nothing when ur interceptions are more than double ur touchdows after 12 games

Yeh, I agree with what you're saying ticatsyear2006. Stats do lie really at times and you point this out well. But I just don't think we give up on him until he has a chance to be in a system, even if it is simple, for him to be comfortable in, something where he can improvise and do some Flutie ball, as someone else said. I think he is more suited to this type of thing, he looks like a free spirt sort of guy.

This is my opinion on this important topic.

Remember the game MASTERMIND?
It was around in the late 70's and 80's...

Basically its a game on the process of elimination.

This could very well be applied to deciphering out the QB starting position.
Marshall is now removed.
Paopao is now removed.
Katz is now removed.

The offensive schemes have changed.
New GM is in place.

Let's see what Maas can do with it.
If you eliminate him now -

  1. his value for possible trade plummets
  2. his confidence plummets (if there's any left to begin with)
  3. you start the process of find #1 all over again, thus the learning curve is vast and could create more turmoil.

...I dunno but I believe you make decisions on variable changes one at a time.

The O-line was much improved in one week.
The running game had much more zest in one week.
Receivers were suspect.
QB was suspect.

The defence was fine.
Specialty teams are improving...just too many penalies!

Let's see what happens from here on without major changes or else no
postive production is made...

My problem is that they seem to leave a struggling QB in the game for far too long.
Slap in the face or not, observe from the sidelines... get the headphones on, carry a clipboard of plays, help call in the plays...don't stand on the sidelines
full of exasperation with eyes rolling and hands on your hips--do something proactive.

I think we're all a little shellshocked with Maas since he's completely different from Danny.

We're are used to calm, composed and leadership.

I wonder with the offensive weapons of this years team ..and Danny not only at QB...AND calling his own plays...wonder
where'd we'd ... fun to dream, but we'll never know.

According to Darren Flutie, Maas is playing injured. He saw Maas icing down prior to the Argo game and said he's never seen a player do that before. He also said Lancaster told him that he didn't expect Maas to have a very long career because of his injuries.

I still think Maas can do the job but only when he's healthy. These backup QBs must be really sad if the Cats think Maas gives them their best chance to win games. I'll say again too that the 2nd rate receiving corps doesn't help any of the QBs.

An Argo fan