MAAS Starting Friday....Again

What is a real fan? Your definition is derogatory and I disagree with it with all my being.

My definition is derogatory? Okay. Wasn't meant to be but whatever. I'm asked if I'm poor or from out of town because I can't go to this upcoming game and have to watch it on TV. Making me not a "real" fan. Yet my definition, alothough I don't remember giving any definitions, is not acceptable. Cheering for your team through thick and thin, good times and bad, through wins and losses... that's a diehard fan! a REAL fan.

But I digress.

I have nothing more to say on the matter. I have my opinion and you have yours.

Let me say this slowly for you

If you have an opportunity to go to games and stay home you have no right to complain about others making the same decision. You are not doing that.

As for saying I have to cheer for pathetic performance in order to be a real fan, thats derogatory

This is where I should be spelling things out for you.

I didn't say cheer pathetic performances. I think Jason Maas is a waste of a uniform. I am sick of losing, too.


I'm still going to be glued to the game, live or on TV, and hope and pray for a win. I'm not going to boycott the team and turn my back on the shining stars that we do have.

Boo Maas... I do. I pay to see the games so I have a right to voice my displeasure.

But cheer the guys like Setta, Bauman, Moreno and Lumsden. They're playing their hearts out and do not deserve to have their fans boycott.

A real fan, if they can afford it, sticks with the team buying tickets and going through thick and thin as long as it appears management and ownership are trying to get a winner. And that is the case here. Yes, you don't have to cheer for pathetic performance, of course not, no one is saying that.

Let me remind you what you said Rusty

Yet my definition, alothough I don't remember giving any definitions, is not acceptable. Cheering for your team through thick and thin, good times and bad, through wins and losses... that's a diehard fan! a REAL fan.

Touche. That does indeed appear to be a definition of a real fan. You are right. I also think it's a cover up to make me look foolish (for being wrong) rather than provide anything of substance to this discussion.


Fine, I gave a definition of a real fan. And? You disagree with that definition?

Not a coverup at all. I said much earlier that we disagreed. Yes I disagree with your definition and its an insult to all dedicated fans that choose not to cheer for garbage

PS - When I say "through good times and bad" I'm not asking people to cheer subpar performances... I'm asking them to cheer and hope that the subpar performances get turned around.

We got smoked against Winnipeg... but our kicker hit on 6/7 field goals. One from 52 yards. Is that not worthy of some cheering?

Then enlighten us all. What makes someone a real fan?

Boycotting their team when they're not Grey Cup contenders? Remember... someone HAS to finish in last place. It stinks that it's been us for so long... but that's life. Anyone that has the ability to walk away from their team is not a real fan.

You didn't say that. The boycotters ARE cheering for the team to get better

if you're a real fan you know and no one else has to know it.

Well, have fun with your boycott. All the best to you. We'll see you when the weather is fair.


i like the word protest compared to boycott

And in spite of me saying otherwise multiple times you assume I am staying away. Try staying with the program

A protest is a much better word.

My only issue is that Mr. Young is TRYING to build a better team. If we were run like the Maple Leafs in the Harold Ballard days I'd suggest a walk-out. Organize a massive walk-out in the 4th quarter and a small rally outside of the stadium.

In this case though...

There's light at the end of the tunnel and it's not necessary.

why boycotts don’t work?
take 28000 fans at 0-5
half the fans want chang to start or they boycott and half the opposite. you’d have a threat of a half empty stadium.
the best thing is to hire a competent staff and gm which i think we did and see where it takes us. you can disagree and argue all you want but to boycott i think is kinda like being a shallow minded know it all.

When Mr.ballard owned the team they were in the eastern final 5 straight years and in three straight grey cups winning one.THAT WAS A FIVE year PLAN.This team has undergone wholesale changes 3 times in 4 years. Our g.m. has had 10 months to fix things and we are still winless.Even Mr. ballard's leafs sometimes made the playoffs.Want to bet on friday's game caretaker?I see no reason not to see the parade of losers continue!!!!

i just watched "major league" using that as a reference point id say we should turn it around soon and the team will make the playoffs. and then someone gets a girlfriend or something.

Maybe Jason just needs to get a pair of goofy glasses