MAAS Starting Friday....Again

The Spect says that Charlie is going with MAAS again this Friday.

I feel like puking right now. So I have made this decision.....I will not attend another Ti-cat game this season until Timmy Chang is the QB. And I will not watch this team on television as well.

Scott Mitchell can cry about Doug Berry, Doug Brown, and Charles Roberts all he wants. I NOT GETTING SUCKERED in again....

ADIOS TI-CATS....time to worry about NFL training camps. And to all the fans who criticize me for jumping off the titanic before it sinks...I compare it to watching my most loved pet animal getting run over by a transport truck...again..and again..and again....I OFFICIALLY CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!


The entire organization is a joke. Scott Mitchell is a nobody. From top to bottom, this franchise is starting to make me sick. Watching this team play is 3 hours of my life I will never get I'm gonna enjoy the rest of the summer saving for NFL games.

OK, You can leave now,

Bye ! again

Gotta love those fair weather fans!

I don’t want Maas playing for the Ticats, I am sick of seeing us lose, I’m tired of everything…

But every week I’m still glued to the TV and fully expect a big win.

Go cats!

I will be there but that's only because my tix are already paid for. This organization is completely dysfunctional AGAIN. I had high hopes that more experienced people in key positions would make a positive change and for the most part they have. The problem is that of the more than 25 positive changes not one means diddly until the QB situation is addressed. Now they start to blame the officiating for the total lack of discipline and try to cover up their pathetic play with artificial rants towards the opposition. Until they get back on track this organization cannot be taken too seriously. Play well, with discipline make the changes that need to be made and take responsibility for your own shortcomings

Me too and I will be spending some money on concessions this week due to that same expectation. :twisted: :smiley:

Hey AC, how many more Maas starts before your head explodes?? :wink:

Rusty I hope you are either poor or from out of town. To watch the game on TV and call out people who refuse to go to games you aren't attending yourself is not very cool

yeah from previous threads rusty went to the 1st 2 games and has become new to the experience cat home games. either way he sounds like a passionate fan.

Actually I'm poor AND from out of town! lol

I'm from Windsor and I've gone to both regular season home games so far. Even after seeing the Ticats get shut out in the TD department in Calgary and then at the home opener... I STILL drove 3 hours to see the game.

I CANNOT be chastized!

Passionate, yes I agree he does seem that way, but to call out boycotters when you aren't going yourself is just bad form

Lets go Jason!

He did well last week but the passing game didn't work for him inside the 30.

This week, I hope he tries the running game when close to the end zone. Turn some of those FGs into TDs.

May bad Rusty thats not the way it came across with the TV comment. Still think you are wrong but not with direspect

The only reason I'm not going to this weeks games is because I'll be in Sudbury for a family reunion. My birthday is on the 5th and I wanted nothing more than to attend the game... but it's not possible.

After that I'll be starting my Basic Training with the Canadian Armed Forces so I'll be in Quebec for 13 weeks and then Borden for 10 weeks. That's going to make seeing any other games a bit difficult.

Well done. :wink:

Wrong? I'm wrong because I watch the games on television and call out the boycotters?!?! I live in an NFL town, my friends are NFL fans and I live in a Hockey family... yet I've been a die-hard fan of the Tiger-Cats since I was born. If I could go to the game I'd be there in a heart beat!!!

I love people that say they watch the CFL until the NFL starts and then the CFL is history.

Glad me and a lot of others have more grey matter where we can watch both at the same time and not have our brains get short circuited. Guess we’re just smarter when you get down to it. 8)
Call us “football guys” rather than “CFL guys” or “NFL guys”.

The only thing worse are the NFL or nothing guys or the CFL or nothing guys

right on bud, glad you're a regular on these boards.

No I disagree with your opinion nothing more nothing less. I believe the boycotters are entitled to take their money where they want to and don't direspect their right to be called a fan

I agree. You have the right to spend your money wherever you want and however you want. But a still don't believe that a "real" fan would do that. A favorite sports team becomes just as much a part of you as a family member. The losses hurt, the wins feel great, etc... If the fans boycott the team loses money. If the team loses money they can't bring in the talent they want. If they don't bring in talent they don't win. It's a downward spiral until the team comes close to packing it in. There aren't many more Bob Youngs out there that can save this team. So boycott if you wish... but when the Cat's win their next Grey Cup don't say you're a diehard fan... with the team through thick and thin.


Boycott... and let me pray that the 0-5 Cat's move to Windsor!!! I'd be the first in line to get tickets. A bad team is still better than no team.