Maas ... Sports Psychologist?

Here's my idea ... Maas HAS the talent he just can't get it out ... and he's getting harder and harder on himself so that he's thinking himself (and the team) into a hole.

I suggest that Maas talk to a sports psychologist OR any type of psychologist.

My husband is a counsellor with 20 years experience and would gladly help Maas figure out what's going on and why it's not working ... He'd even do it FOR FREE!!!!

Rob / Ron PM me and we can set it up! The sooner Jason gets out of his head and stops listening to the black dog on his shoulder the better!

My $0.02

If our starting QB needs a psychologist to help him get better than this whole organization needs to see one too :lol: ...if there is something wrong with Maas head then he should not be playing football..

touchdowncats, I beg to differ. Sports psychologists should be an integral part of ANY sports team's medical personnel (ie: physiotherapists, dentists, orthopoedic surgeons, sthrength and conditioning specialists...). If a S.P. can help Maas find the trigger he needs, then i am all for it.

Heck - the entire team should see one...

okay okay...if it helps then sure they should all do long as they don't go see someone like Dr. Phil... Mr. Captain Obvious! lol

Sig ... thanks ... I'm wondering if our Cats have one ... Maas sure as heck needs one ... every time I hear him he sounds lower and lower ... :frowning:

Would not hurt to Try it..