Maas sore, Eakin Could See Action

looks like eakin might get a shot.!

I hope he gets in the game it is better for the team if everyone is game ready.

I hope he plays due to the Cats are up by 3 TD's.

yeh id hate to se maas hurt.. but i mean id love to see kevin get a shot.

if maas is hurting at all eakin should get a shot.

I doubt that the coaching staff will tip their hand before they need to! :cowboy:

If Kevin is inserted...I have every confidence in his ability! :thup:

me 2, i dont think we should risk maas health by pushing him in the game, so i thnk eakin shud get the start, its only fair!

perhaps some sort of diversion so that the opposing D has to prep for both Eakin and Maas?

lancaster... you sly boots....